Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Color Club Back to Boho - part deux

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Hey guys,

I finally got a chance to redo the photos of Arsty Crafty & Blue-topia from the Back to Boho Fall 2011 Collection.

Remember to click on the photos to enlarge.

Artsy Crafty - sunlight

Artsy Crafty - shade

Artsy Crafty was described as the ultimate muted military green. Yeah, not so much in my opinion... I see it as a greyed hunter green. It's definitely muted though. I'm a big fan. The tips are a bit roughed up because just as I'd put Artsy Crafty on the sun came out and I rushed to hang out the washing! There was no time to let it fully dry :) It dries so glossy too. The formula was pretty good, I kept putting too much on the brush though so, in an attempt to get the excess off my nails I got a little cuticle drag on my ring finger. Two coats was perfect coverage. And I'm holding a glitter gal polish in my hand, not AC BTW. That's too many acronyms too close together.

Blue-topia - sunlight

Blue-topia - sunlight

Blue-topia - sunlight

Pretty, right? Blue-topia is just as it's name suggests! A gorgeous indigo blue jelly. Opaque in 2 coats as well. Lovely formula,goes on like butter, but it smells awful. I don't think it's what all CCs smell like or it wouldn't have stood out so much. This is a beautiful dark blue dream though.

I wanted to add a bit of jazz to old bluey so I got out Lumin-icecent (from CC Foiled) and m57.
Here's how it turned out:

Blue-topia stamped with Lumin-icecent & 1 coat of SV

I wasn't paying enough attention while I was stamping, so I stamped my ring & little finger upside down. Lets pretend I was trying out which orientation I liked better...
The Foiled polishes are great for stamping, BONUS. Just another way I 'justify' my addiction.


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