Friday, 7 October 2011

Glitter Gal 3D Lizard Belly

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Hi guys,

Today is my 101st post!!! I would like to say thanks to my followers and all the other visitors to Nail Polish Anonymous. Blogging has been a really good outlet for me and it's great to know people are taking a peek!!

Today I have my last Glitter Gal polish to show you.

Lizard Belly is an awesome dark green holo with blue undertones. It looks to be the same colour as the dark green sparkle glitter gal - from what I can tell.





Artificial lighting

Artificial lighting
The photos (on my monitor anyway) make Lizard Belly look a lot closer to black than it really is. In real life it never looks black, I promise.
The formula was much better on LB than on the lighter two GGs. This was just two coats and while it was still on the thick side, it was very manageable, spreading nice and evenly.

Th holo effect is also a lot stronger on LB than it is in the other two GGs. I'd call this a medium linear holo strength-wise - with the CG OMGs & Nubar Reclaim being what I'd define as a strong linear holo effect.

I love how the rainbow of colours transforms this deep green. Very special. I want more Glitter Gal's already, NO!


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