Monday, 3 October 2011

Glitter Gal 3D - Light as a Feather - eeeeeeeeeeeee!

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G'day sheilas!

Today my first ever Glitter Gal polishes arrived!

I bought Light as a Feather, Ballerina & the seemingly popular Lizard Belly. They're all from the normal holographic line - I wanted linear holo effect rather than the scattered sparkle one.

Like everyone else, I was shocked at how teeny weenie the bottles are! I knew they were only 9mL but it still came as a shock to me that the bottles weren't somehow bigger. Maybe they could put them in chunkier ones with really thick glass? It doesn't really matter though, 'cos the products is fantastic.

So far I've only tried out the white and pink. Today I have Light as a Feather to show y'all.

Now I had to take these photos indoors because after a week of gorgeous weather, now we're having a week of storms :) That means zero sun and I can't wait a whole week to swatch these, so. Looking at my nails now the holo effect is a bit stronger than the photos show.

Light as a Feather is a greyed white almost jelly-ish holo. The holo is relatively subtle/soft, which I think suits the colour. It is certainly visible in indoor lighting though - and I can only imagine it is the same if not stronger in direct sunlight.

I had to do 3 coats and then 1 of SV because it was quite uneven & gloopy formula-wise. I'm not going to judge it by that though, because I used Sally Hansen Miracle Growth as my base coat and it always makes my polishes go on streaky. Next time I'll try using a ridge filler or Orly Bonder as my base to see if I can get a more even application. The SV definitely made it appear more even and the holo effect also prevents you from seeing the patchiness too. I didn't seem to get any tip shrinkage using the SV with it either so I'm pretty happy.

Bottom line: I'm a big fan, LAAF is so unique a colour. It has an ethereal quality about it that I love. Due to the price & small amount I think this bottle will only come out for special occasions though. It's just too pretty to waste!

How do you feel about LAAF? Do you have any Glitter Gals and if so which ones? I certainly would like to try more!


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