Friday, 21 October 2011

Dollish Polish Frankens

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Hey everyone,

I felt like taking a T.O. from the 31 day challenge today cos I'm not feeling too well. Luckily I've been doing some swatching in between each challenge manicure so I have some other goodies to show you!

A few weeks ago I was reading Nails Made Simple, where Maria did a post on a gorgeous looking Franken she had bought off Etsy, named Satine.

I had to have it, so I tracked down the Etsy store Dollish Polish and I've been hauling Dolly's frankens ever since! I'm serious, we've traded emails enough now that we're practically best buds - she's really awesome too! One of the coolest things about Dolly's polishes is that she bases each one on an aspect of a film eg. Satine is for the character Nicole Kidman plays in Moulin Rouge.

My first order I bought just two polishes - just in case I didn't love them. Well, I do love them & have placed a further two orders, since! Here they are:

Satine (2 coats) clockwise from left: Lamp, Overcast, Lamp

This is Satine - a linear holographic deep pink with hints of mauve. When I first put Satine on it reminded me of Zoya Drew - which I wasn't expecting based on Maria's swatch, but I was really pleased because I think Drew is beautiful and feels like a work appropriate pink. Satine was easy to apply, quite a thin but pigmented formula.

Welcome to Forks (2 coats) - all photos in varying degrees of sunlight

Welcome to Forks - inspired by the township of Forks, Washington as portrayed in the Twilight Saga. This is a really interesting ocean green shimmer. It has this mysteriousness about it, (a haziness) like it's namesake - it could be due to the grey pigment in the formula. It can look quite different depending on the lighting too - either forest like or very blue toned. The formula was the same as Satine's, however I added a coat of Orly Glosser top coat which caused it to bubble a bit - it actually just looked bumpy like I had fine bits of gravel/grit on my nails. Glosser has done that to me a few times, even when a polish is pretty dry, hmmmmmm.

Dollish Polish frankens come in 5 ml bottles and the brushes are fairly decent - long, wide-ish and they fan out easily. The price per bottle varies (depending on cost of ingredients) between US$3.25-$4.25. She has some really great ones up at the moment including a Breaking Dawn Part 1 trio of shades that I'm awaiting eagerly!

I think Dolly only makes 4 bottles of each shade so get in quick to check out Dollish Polish on Etsy now! You can also find some nail art supplies, sets of painted fake nails & cellphone charms in the shop.



  1. They look absolutely gorgeous on you!! I'm so happy you are pleased with them!! Can't wait to see the rest on you!!
    xxx ~ Dolly

  2. Love the swatches!! They are gorgeous!!! I placed an order the other day, and I cannot wait to get them!!!!

  3. AllThatIsGorgeous - I'm so glad! Which ones did you order? I'm waiting on the Breaking Dawn trio, toxic avenger, nice scrunchy, heather, the shire & who ever heard of a snozzberry?!!!!
    I really want "We're gonna need a bigger boat" too! Too many? haha


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