Wednesday, 12 October 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 3 - YELLOW

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Happy unPink Wednesday!

I had to do a yellow mani for day 3 so here goes:
(sorry about the messy cuticles - too lazy to clean them up today!!)



Indoors - colour IRL
 This is China Glaze Yel-O-Neil from the Surf's Up collection. I think that came out in 2007 - at least that was when I bought this bad boy from the Head 2 Toe around the corner from my flat - it's so awesome having a beauty salon just around the corner.
This was my first ever CG so it is very dear to me! I bought it because I had never seen such an amazing (and unique) colour. My camera seems to have darkened the yellow a bit - it is closest to the indoor pic in real life.

I picked this one because it was a rainy, dark grey, cloud covered day and this sunshine yellow brightened me up some! I wore 3 coats of this glass fleck over a base of ridge filler but there's still VNL. I don't really mind though seeing as how it's a glass fleck. I also topped it off with 1 coat of seche vite.

Most complain about the gluggy formulas of the Surf's Up line, but I put some polish thinner in this a few months ago and when I came to use it today it applied way more evenly than before - 4 years on, I'm impressed.

But... I then did this to it:




I put 1 layer of NYX Gilded Glitter on top & some China Glaze Solar Flare as an accent. I think it would have been okay, if I'd just used Gilded Glitter. But putting Solar Flare on my ring finger was a definite mistake - YIKES!

I'm not very good at applying hex glitters yet. I find them so hard to place. I wish they were more co-operative.

One thing of note is that Yel-O-Neil takes forever to set even with SV. I think it's because 3 layers is one layer too many! But if you have the time to wait around for it to harden (I'd give it an hour or two), then nothing is stopping you.

My sister told me to do some Rugby World Cup inspired manis & I have to say I have a few ideas I'd like to try out so will try to get some of those done over the next few days before the Semi-Finals! Go ABs & Wales!

Who will YOU be cheering for?


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