Saturday, 29 October 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 17 - GLITTER

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2nd post of the day - gotta catch up on all the days I missed.

I decided to keep it simple for the Glitter look. And what just arrived? But, the Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe Collection is all!
I couldn't swatch them all in one go, so instead I picked one of my favourites Sugarplum Fairy to show ya'll. I've left them big but double click to get an even larger view.

These first 3 photos were taken outdoors in the sun. The holo sparkle was seriously strong but as my camera focuses it kills most of the sparkle, sorry.

 The last photo was taken under a lamp - I was trying to capture the intense holo sparkle but my camera still dulled it down. This was the best shot.

Suagrplum Fairy is a lilac/lavender, silver & holo glitter bomb in a clear base. I used 3 thick coats to get to almost complete coverage. One more coat would have eliminated the few bald spots you could see up close. I didn't think it needed any more personally, only I see my nails that close (except all of you lovely readers, that is).
It's easy to apply, thick formula as you can imagine, with all this glitter. Dries fast and needed 2 coats of Seche Vite to feel smooth.

When I get the time I'll do a collection post with all 6 shades!


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