Saturday, 22 October 2011

OPI Muppets Holiday Collection 2011 Swatches & Review

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Hey everyone,

How are your weekends going?

My Muppet polishes arrived last week and yesterday I finally had some time to swatch them. I only got 5 of the 12 because they just didn't appeal to me - especially the glitters. I just couldn't see myself wearing them. The shimmers however I LOVE!

Animalistic - a pink meets orange (almost duochromey - or the shimmer gives that effect) = reddish polish with those gorgeous fine flake like glitter/shimmer particles that change between gold and pink. I love this one! My photos don't capture all the different colours it can appear as but it's wonderful. This is unexpectedly a two coater with flawless formula and good dry time.

Meep-meep-meep -  is a bright, deep pink with chunky-ish glitter flakes. This was the one I was most excited for & it is fantastic but the other polishes outshine her a little. My camera couldn't capture it properly (too much shimmer/sparkle & it fails to properly focus). The effect in the bottle is closer to what it looks like on the nail in real life. Another good formula, 2 coats, quick dry time.

Pepe's Purple Passion - My personal favourite! A deep plummy/brown purple creme with chunky glitter flakes . I've seen that most bloggers aren't fans but I just adore Pepe. I love the way the chunky flakes are a shade or two lighter than the base - they elevate what could have been a boring shade & I'vr never seen this texture before. I personally love the finish on this one two, shiny but a bit bumpy. Application is an interesting experience though! I can only liken it to spreading a thick berry dessert sauce (think boysenberry) over my nails. It's very manageable, just odd. I recommend thinner layers. There was too much polish on the brush when I painted my middle finger and you can see the right side of the nil is raised as a result. It could probably be a 1 coater but I did two to get it even. If you want the surface to be perfectly smooth I recommend 2 layers of a thick top coat eg. Seche Vite

Warm & Fozzie - Fozzie Bear always was my favourite Muppet! I loved Pros & Bronze & now OPI have given us her brother! Made in the same style, Warm & Fozzie is made up of those glittery flake-like particles in brown (I think), antique gold & pink. Even better, it has a thicker/more opaque formula so only takes two coats. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy too...

Excuse Moi! - A pink jelly base filled with pink micro glitter & multicoloured round glitter. This is the only glitter I picked up and I kind of regret it. It has a great formula (probably the best glitter formula I own) and application, again only 2 coats to opacity. But, I'm not sure I'll wear it. What do you think? Stash or Trash?

So there my lovelies are. How do you feel about them? Which ones have you picked up? Do you think Rainbow Connection is a must-have, or like me do you already have a few Happy Birthday dupes & won't waste your money on another? I really want to try out Designer De Better so if anyone has it already I'd love to hear your opinion of it!!!!

What do you think of my mosaic style photo collages? Should I go back to individual pics?



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