Monday, 3 October 2011

Spotty Sunday

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Evenin' Ladies,

As promised, I added a coat of Nubar Black Polka Dot to my manicure today.

I'm wearing two coats of  LA Girl Metal in Brass.

Brass - outdoors, overcast

Look at all the cuticle oil

This is my favourite from the Metals collection. It's so unique a shade of brown. It's actually in the same style as Orly Nite Owl just FYI - with the silver shimmer particles - but the silver bits in Brass don't seem to really shine, they're more or less flat...

I wanted to see if I could make my very own Mud Pie (like the Kleancolor Mud Pie Sparklee) so I added a thick coat of Black Polka Dot.

Two coats Brass, one Polka - overcast

Same as above

Don't mind the tips of every nail but the ring finger; just after I'd painted them yesterday I munted them by smacking in to a glass sliding door. Yes I'm that girl... At least my hands were out in front of my head & not the other way round :)

I did a way thicker coat of BPD this time and I think the result was so much better! Way more hexes landed on the nails without too much rearranging. I like my take on the Mud Pie Sparklee too. It's not exactly sparkly but it reminds me more of a mud cake. Mmmmmmm mud cake, makes me hungry!

I think BPD will look awesome on top of some pinks. I'm lemming White Polka Dot now too!!! Why?!

What are your thoughts on these gems? Loving it or hating it? Having no opinion on it?


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