Thursday, 3 November 2011

Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 Frankens

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Good Evening Twilight Saga Fans,

The A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Dolly from Dollish Polish made a mini collection of Franken polishes based on the Breaking Dawn Part 1 film that is soon to be released. I will admit I'm a bit excited - I went to the midnight premiere screening of New Moon, so yeah...

When I saw these on Etsy I had to snatch them up!!!

First up is The Cullens - everyone's favourite benevolent vamp family. It was overcast when I took these pics so you can't see it but beside silver micro & hex glitter, this  blue-grey also has a subtle green shimmer running through it. This applied wonderfully, but remember to really shake it up before application or you'll have trouble getting any hex glitter on your nails!! I think the hex glitter is actually holo but the opaque base kind of hides that - still gorgeous though. Two coats is more than enough for full coverage. I love how this smokey blue-grey has a mysterious & icy quality to it - just like the Cullens, snaps for Dolly!

The Wolves is a unique medium brown with some gold shimmer & holo micro-glitter running through it that really lightens up this baby. I thought of Jacob's russet coat as soon as I saw it! The holo effect is much closer to the bottle pic when there's sunlight. This too is opaque in 1-2 coats. I'm in love.

Oooooo... The Volturi. This is a deep blood red shimmer that just glows! Again, very appropriately named. The pics of this one aren't the best sorry due to the glare, though that kind of demonstrates it's glossy finish. In the bottle I was able to detect a sort of sparkling of ultra fine gold shimmer, but on the nail it didn't seem to translate. However I never saw it in full sun. The thing to remember with The Volturi is the less coats you use, the bloodier it looks. I used two in these pics but if I were to do it again, I'd try using only one for really bloody looking nails. It can verge on that burgundy type red if you layer it too much - but hey, that might be your thing.

I've got to say, Dolly's franken formulas really impress me - so opaque and free flowing - never gluggy. She also has a knack for coming up with shades that suit their names 110%
Luckily I have more of Dolly's polishes to show you soon!
Has anyone else picked some of these up yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts/recommendations :)



  1. thanks for the swatches of all your dollish polishes!!

  2. you're very welcome!!! I bought so many from at first and featured them so often that I became Dolly's official swatcher!!


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