Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Misa - Grey Matters

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Hey guys,

Just a quick swatch of Misa Grey Matters from the latest release Surreal Escape. I was practising economy when I ordered this (or I might have got a few more from the collection) and I think it's the best from the 6 piece collection.

Direct Sunlight
Indirect Sunlight

Can you see the pink & green/blue shimmer?

 Grey Matters is a light grey with darker grey speckles and a hidden opal shimmer. In the shadde it looks like a speckled grey creme. But in sunlight it becomes much lighter and the pink & blue or green shimmer becomes evident. To me, it seems to be on the cool side of the spectrum but there is a darker grey in the collection with the same finish and apparently Grey Matters is the warmer of the two.

I just love GM because the speckled finish is so awesome & unique to me. It applies well in 2 coats, though I remember it being a bit sticky (if that's a thing).



  1. Love this one!! Gorgeous!!


  2. It is! And so unique. I really want to try Spaced Out (the darker grey with the same finish. Did you pick up any from this collection?


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