Thursday, 3 November 2011

My Nail Graffiti Skittles Swatch

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Yes, I know, 3rd post of the day!
I just forgot to include this in the previous post:

My Nail Graffiti's (Amber) husband has started making frankens and the holiday collection polishes I bought arrived today - hooray! Here is a quick skittles swatch I did today - a preview of things to come:

Pinky - Thumb: Gleaming Red, Five Golden Rings, Golden Rainbow, Evergold, Permafrost

The first four are from the Gold Collection and Permafrost is from the Ice Collection. It has a green colour shift pigment in it, so I can't wait to try layering it!

I'll do full swatches as soon as I get the time. The 31 Day Challenge really gets in the way of swatching!!!

xxx yet again,


  1. Lucky girl, those are beautiful!

  2. Did you make these?? I want them!!!! How can I get them

  3. Hey Sunshine, no I didn't make these (I havent quite got to the stage of mixing my own polishes), Amber from My Nail Graffiti and her husband makes them. They might be sold out by now but you should click on the link in this post to get to her blog and contact her about them!


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