Monday, 28 November 2011

A England - Holographic Mythicals

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I don't much feel like typing tonight guys.

Instead here are the beautiful A England The Mythicals Holographics:
Sorry about the date stamps - after swatching 10 or so polishes I finally figured out how to get rid of it!

Tristam - natural light

Tristam - lamp

Tristam - lamp

 Tristam - named for King Arthur's knight (of the Tristan & Iseult romantic tragedy) - is a midnight blue with strong purple undertones and scattered fine holographic particles. It is absolutely unique & makes me swoon!!!! To top it off, the formula is gorgeous. Two coats of buttery goodness with fast dry time & a super smooth & glossy finish. You can definitely get away without wearing a top coat.

Lady of the Lake - natural light

Lady of the Lake - lamp

This photo's a bit blurry but you get the full holo effect so... Lady of the Lake is the purple grape version of Tristam. I feel like the holo is a little stronger in the Lady too. Perhaps it just shows up better in a lighter base though. The formula & finish is again, stellar!

These are my favourite non-linear holographic polishes. Do you have either of these, or are you planning on getting them? You can purchase A England from their website or from Llarowe. Adina (the creator) is launching a new collection soon; and word is she has more holos in store for us. Can't wait!!!! She really knows how to make a spot on formula & she produces fantastic colours.



  1. I just got both of these!! Have yet to wear them-but its coming soon!! They are so pretty!

  2. Lady of the Lake looks great on you!


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