Saturday, 12 November 2011

Day 28: Inspired by a FLAG

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Yes! The weekend is here!

I think our weather is turning rainy, but I don't mind because my mum just got home from a 2 month trip in Africa.
It's so good to have her home - I know her dog Charlie is glad to have her back :)

In honour of her trip I decided to paint my nails based on one of the countries she toured : Botswana - here is the Bostwana Coat of Arms & national flag:

I mainly used tape to achieve this look - but I used so much Seche Vite (3 layers) and I had to try to fix up lots of boo-boos that I think I'll just use a nail art striper next time. I love that Zebra's are on their coat of arms because I got to use my Bundle Monster zebra print for the first time and I think it's way nicer than the Konad one - think it's the finer lines :) Mum saw heaps of Zebras - I think they're my fav African animal besides Hippos!

Hope you like it

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