Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Contrary Polish Ain't No Sunshine & Somebody Loved

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I really wanted the Contrary Polish Valentines Day collection this year but it was constantly sold out for months or I was too poor when it was in stock!
I finally ended my year long Llarowe abstinence in order to grab a couple. Grrr shipping fees and price jack ups, grrrrrr (though CP isn't pricey, lots of the others brands are :( ).

Contrary Polish Ain't No Sunshine

 Ain't No Sunshine is a concrete grey leaning dusty blue with beautiful pearl-white flakes. It is a moodier version of Illamasqua Raindrops (one of my number 1 lemmings!!!). Application was ok, I think I ended up using 3 thin coats to get it even and opaque, the formula leans towards the thicker end of the spectrum.
I'm so happy to have it!!! Love the song and the shimmery flakes are to die for!!!

 Contrary Polish Somebody Loved

Somebody Loved disappointed me majorly!!! I was led to believe looked like these swatches, but instead it's a dirty taupe leaning pink with real subtle copper shimmer :( Maybe they changed the formula at some point? I don't exactly dislike the colour, it's just not what I wanted, I already have a few dirty pinks and they don't look too good on me. The formula is a wee bit thick, but very manageable in two thin coats.

Have you bought any polish lately that looks nothing like the swatches online?


Sunday, 22 September 2013

Mod Lacquer Swatches

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Mod Lacquer recently introduced International Shipping, hooray!!!
I had inquired about it in the past and Jennifer kindly emailed me to let me know I could finally get some of her pretty polishes!

I loved the look of the pastel holo glitters so they had to go in to the cart. Let's see what else took my fancy!

Mod Lacquer Majestic

Majestic is a warm brownish purple with rust coloured shimmer, giving it an almost duochrome effect. It hasn't photographed too well in my light box but in person the shimmer is strong and the shade is fabulous for winter - very wine like. This one required two-three thin coats for full coverage.

Mod Lacquer Cherry Fizz

Cherry Fizz is a medium red with ultra-fine silver holo glitter. It sparkles beautifully in the sun, but it's not as vibrant as I'd like. I used two thin coats for a wonderfully opaque finish. Top coat makes a world of difference too, but this guy isn't gritty so anything will do!

Mod Lacquer Dreamland

Dreamland is the perfect lavender (with silver holo glitter) shade! I can't get enough of these purples, and the glitter really stands out too. This was a good two coater, but if you're using thin coats I'd recommend three. Again, you need some top coat to bring out the holo sparkle.

Mod Lacquer Serenity

Serenity is a delicate pale pink (ever so slightly grayed due to the silver glitter), with the same ultra-fine holo glitter. It is a bit sheerer than the others so I needed three thin coats, minimum! These shades make me feel so girly and carefree!

Mod Lacquer Seabound

Seabound is a pastel seafoam green with silver holo glitter. It is as pretty as the others and slightly sheer like Serenity so it's another three coater. And don't forget that top coat for shine!!!

 Mod Lacquer Imperial Serpent

I was most excited for Imperial Serpent! It's a dark purple (grape) loaded with fine silver holo and green glitter. The effect in sunlight is amazing! As well as the prismatic effect you also see the green glitter glowing. I only applied two coats for an opaque finish - then I added some Seche Vite because IS is a bit grittier than all the other!

Gorgeous, right?!
Which are your favourites?


Friday, 20 September 2013

Born Pretty Store Holo Polish #6 Review

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*Press Sample

I love nudes/tans/beige etc, because they are always appropriate and chic.
Holos are a bit more daring because they have that prismatic sparkle, so I've really taken to buying them in nude shades in order to get my nail polish addict kicks while still being workplace safe!!!

Born Pretty Store kindly sent me #6 from their Holo Polish line for review.

Born Pretty Holo Polish #6

Holo Polish #6 is a warmish beige moderate linear holo. The orange and blue/purple prismatic effect are dominant so it's going to suit most skintones. Unfortunately it's rather sheer so I needed four thin coats for full coverage. That's not the end of the world but paying $5.59 for 6mL is a bit steep for a four coater...

There are 12 colours to choose from and heaps of swatches for each listing.

BPS sells nail art and polish etc with worldwide free shipping and the next time you purchase use my 10% off discount code QHL91



Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Polish Well Water Snake

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The Polish Well opened up pre-orders for her polish line this month (they closed on Sept. 15, sorry if you missed out!), and it reminded me that
a) I wanted to order more and;
b) I had another TPW swatch in my photo vault!

 The Polish Well Water Snake

Water Snake is a deep, murky green jelly with blue, green and orange flakes. It is beautiful at two-three coats.


Sunday, 8 September 2013

Simple Sunday - with OPI Skyfall & Star Kin Burganberry

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I got OPI Skyfall a couple of weeks ago. I actually bought it from Farmers' Red Dot Sale so it was only NZ$15... Still feels expensive but I really LOVE it and it has been sold out at my usual e-tailer for some time so I had to snap it up!!!

I wanted to do something interesting with Skyfall, so I attempted a chevron tip design, using Star Kin Burganberry which I posted alone *here*

I used French Tip Guides and the thickness and sharpness sort of varied nail to nail so in an attempt to make them look a bit more even, I added a 2cm gold stud to the top of the triangle on each nail! Plus the didn't pop enough without the studs.
I wore this as an honest to God full manicure and got compliments, yay!! It certainly beats my usual 4 nail swatch look!!!

Right now Buster is trying to give me a full body bath with his tongue. Hmmmm... that might be my cue for a shower :p


Friday, 6 September 2013

Elevation Polish Marmolada

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Circle glitter is all the rage right now and I have a feeling Elevation Polish was one of the indie pioneers with this style glitter.

I had Catch A Wave, and still have Daisen (Lulu's originals circle glitter top coats) and this year she has come out with Marmolada which can be worn alone or layered.

Elevation Polish Marmolada

Marmolada is a milky blue grey with ultra-fine silver glitter, lavender hexes, small and medium sized silver circles. I wore it alone with 3 coats, but after two layers the glitter gets too chunky, so I recommend layering two coats over a similar base colour. I topped Marmolada off with some Glitter Gloss and Seche Vite.

I remember not liking it too much on me at the time, but in these pictures I really love how it looks, so maybe I should give it another go?

Elevation Polish is restocking tomorrow 7/8 September with a brand new collection - don't miss out!


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Born Pretty Store Review: Rhinestone Chain

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*Press Sample

Ever feel like you need to mix it up? Move out of your comfort zone?

Well I always feel uncomfortable when it comes to nail art. Whenever I attempt anything more than a plain manicure, I'm really uncomfortable. I just lack that creative, original idea gene... I have the "I want to create something amazing and unique" gene, I just don't manage to pull it off often, if at all!!!!

I was feeling particularly adventurous when I asked to review this rhinestone chain, though. My thoughts had a real swagger to their step, and then it arrived and I was like,"WTF do I do now?"

My nails were way too short to do anything exciting, because these gems are almost 4cm in diameter. I immediately decided to break the chain apart (which was easily done with a little bending), but I couldn't fit more than three along the length of my nails and two across. In the end I broke it up in to sets of two-three and this is what I came up with:

The chain came with turquoise, blue, fluorescent orange, fluorescent coral red, fluorescent yellow and green rhinestones. I loved the baby blue and turquoise the most - they looked so gorgeous on the gold background.

I used Barielle A Bouquet For Ava on my index and middle fingernails, Orly Luxe & My Nail Graffiti's Five Golden Rings on my ring and pinkie fingernails.

These are reusable, which is awesome! One 10cm length (approx. 24 rhinestones) will cost you US$2.99.
You can also use my 10% discount code QHL91 whenever you order from Born Pretty Store.


Monday, 2 September 2013

Zoya PixieDust Stevie

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I think I broke my foot.

It's been really painful for a couple of weeks and today I couldn't limp around on it at all.
The most annoying part is I don't even know how I hurt it! I must have kicked something with it or dropped something on it but God only knows ...

Mercifully, I've got some heavy duty painkillers on board now and hopefully I'll get an x-ray tomorrow :)

So... on to STEVIE!

Zoya Stevie

Stevie is the coolest textured polish ever! A pastel, yet bright purple with silver glitter it looks great both matte (above) and glossy (below). I applied two-three thin coats for full coverage. To make it glossy I added one coat of Glitter Gloss and Seche Vite. Stevie is perfect for Spring and Summer, and I'll surely be wearing it come December!

I hope none of you guys have any broken bones at the moment!
Which texture polishes are you digging right now?



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