Sunday, 22 September 2013

Mod Lacquer Swatches

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Mod Lacquer recently introduced International Shipping, hooray!!!
I had inquired about it in the past and Jennifer kindly emailed me to let me know I could finally get some of her pretty polishes!

I loved the look of the pastel holo glitters so they had to go in to the cart. Let's see what else took my fancy!

Mod Lacquer Majestic

Majestic is a warm brownish purple with rust coloured shimmer, giving it an almost duochrome effect. It hasn't photographed too well in my light box but in person the shimmer is strong and the shade is fabulous for winter - very wine like. This one required two-three thin coats for full coverage.

Mod Lacquer Cherry Fizz

Cherry Fizz is a medium red with ultra-fine silver holo glitter. It sparkles beautifully in the sun, but it's not as vibrant as I'd like. I used two thin coats for a wonderfully opaque finish. Top coat makes a world of difference too, but this guy isn't gritty so anything will do!

Mod Lacquer Dreamland

Dreamland is the perfect lavender (with silver holo glitter) shade! I can't get enough of these purples, and the glitter really stands out too. This was a good two coater, but if you're using thin coats I'd recommend three. Again, you need some top coat to bring out the holo sparkle.

Mod Lacquer Serenity

Serenity is a delicate pale pink (ever so slightly grayed due to the silver glitter), with the same ultra-fine holo glitter. It is a bit sheerer than the others so I needed three thin coats, minimum! These shades make me feel so girly and carefree!

Mod Lacquer Seabound

Seabound is a pastel seafoam green with silver holo glitter. It is as pretty as the others and slightly sheer like Serenity so it's another three coater. And don't forget that top coat for shine!!!

 Mod Lacquer Imperial Serpent

I was most excited for Imperial Serpent! It's a dark purple (grape) loaded with fine silver holo and green glitter. The effect in sunlight is amazing! As well as the prismatic effect you also see the green glitter glowing. I only applied two coats for an opaque finish - then I added some Seche Vite because IS is a bit grittier than all the other!

Gorgeous, right?!
Which are your favourites?



  1. Oh wow, Dreamland and Seabound are gorgeous!

  2. Love Dreamland and Imperial Serpent! I've been eyeing up Imperial Serpent for so long ><


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