Monday, 2 September 2013

Zoya PixieDust Stevie

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I think I broke my foot.

It's been really painful for a couple of weeks and today I couldn't limp around on it at all.
The most annoying part is I don't even know how I hurt it! I must have kicked something with it or dropped something on it but God only knows ...

Mercifully, I've got some heavy duty painkillers on board now and hopefully I'll get an x-ray tomorrow :)

So... on to STEVIE!

Zoya Stevie

Stevie is the coolest textured polish ever! A pastel, yet bright purple with silver glitter it looks great both matte (above) and glossy (below). I applied two-three thin coats for full coverage. To make it glossy I added one coat of Glitter Gloss and Seche Vite. Stevie is perfect for Spring and Summer, and I'll surely be wearing it come December!

I hope none of you guys have any broken bones at the moment!
Which texture polishes are you digging right now?



  1. I love this polish. So pretty. I am in love with the Zoya Pixie Dust polishes. I hope your foot is not broken and gets better soon.

  2. niiice love them with top coat :) mend up!


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