Saturday, 30 November 2013

Saturday Spam: The Polish Well

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Exams are done - just have to wait for the results now....

The Polish Well makes some beautiful lacquers from time to time. I managed to place a pre-order for some of her newer shades recently and they did not disappoint! 
I only wish I'd bought full sized bottles instead of the minis!!!

The Polish Well Bad Boy

 Bad Boy is a muted slate/navy blue with multi-coloured micro-flake shimmer. Two coats.

The Polish Well Coraline

Coraline is a Halloween creation of teal blue jelly with green-blue micro-glitters and flakes. Two coats.

The Polish Well Evil Witch

Evil Witch is another Halloween colour, a forest green jelly with square and hex green glitter and coppery gold micro-glitter. Two coats.

 The Polish Well Love Dust

Love Dust is a real beauty, but man is this coral-pink a BITCH to photograph?! It is more pink than the photo suggests with gold micro-flakes and super fine pink/purple shimmer. This one is more sheer so it requires three coats.

The Polish Well Monster

 Monster is a close dupe for Butter London Two Fingered Salute. The oxidised copper green creme contains pale green shimmer and copper glitter flakes. Two coats.

The Polish Well Tonight

 Tonight is a warm grape jelly chock full with multi-coloured iridescent flakes. Two coats.

The Polish Well Wrath

Wrath is from the Seven Deadly Sins Collection; a red jelly, red and gold glitter. Three coats.

Hope everyone celebrating Thanksgiving & Hanukkah are enjoying their holidays and to everyone else: Happy Weekend!


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Orange & Gold

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*Press Sample*

Got a stamping plate review for you today for Born Pretty Store!

QA73 is an odd mix of lace, currency signs and full nail patterns. I love the fleur de lis-esque pattern! I stamped it on to OPI A Roll In The Hague with China Glaze Passion.

QA73 stamped over OPI A Roll In The Hague

The pattern transferred just fine so I'd certainly recommend this plate to others. I hope the lace patterns transfer just as well!

The plate is only US$1.49 from Born Pretty Store. Feel free to use my 10% off coupon QHL91 the next time you buy some nail art supplies!

My last exam is tomorrow hooray, better get back to the studying!


Monday, 25 November 2013

Trying to make the XL stamper work for me

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I was trying to be creative-ish when I swatched Kunimitsu Flame Point Siamese a few weeks back. It's a white crelly with blue and orange glitter so I trawled the stash for the two closest coloured polishes (OPI A Roll In The Hague & Barry M Cyan Blue). 

I'd just received my XL Stamper and the 2013 Bundle Monster Plates so I tried the two together.

Not so successful was I? Believe it or not this was the result after 4 attempts!

The stamper was just so soft that I couldn't get the pattern to transfer without stretching or squashing it. Plus I couldn't get the whole stamp to transfer either. I chalked it all up to needing practice but before I could, guess what Buster did?!!!! He ate it! Now there are teeth shaped cuts in it, so I'm thinking that it'll only get harder to use.

Oh well, I just ordered a MoYou stamper. We'll see how that one goes. It would've been a cute mani if the stamping wasn't cracked :(


Sunday, 24 November 2013

Some Girly Bits Swatches

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How's the weekend treating you? I placed a relatively large order with Girly Bits a few months back but am a bit behind in my swatching. Here are the three I've managed to wear thus far:

Girly Bits Bird Is The Word

Bird is the Word is a pinky-purple scattered holo. I'm not uber crazy about it, but I think that it is due to there being a million and one of these scattered holos around at the moment. I prefer linear or smoother holos. The formula is very nice, opaque in two coats.

Girly Bits Off The Scale

Off the Scale is a blue micro-glitter top coat that can also be worn solo with three coats. It contains blue, silver and iridescent blue-green glitter for extra sparkle!

Girly Bits Visions of Sugar Plums

Visions of Sugar Plums is a purple (with brownish undertones) jelly packed with iridescent glitters that shine pink, blue, green and purple. I'm wearing it alone at three coats but I think it'd look prettier layered over a dark purple (think China Glaze Urban Night) this Christmas!

I've got three exams left this week and am in the midst of studying for the big bad Clinical Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology....
There are just so many diagrams to memorize and all the parts of the body and their function, argh! Blast you scientists!!!!


Thursday, 21 November 2013

OPI Mod About You and Water Decal Review

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*Press Sample*

Born Pretty Store kindly sent me some nail art supplies to review and share with all you. Today I've got one of my favourite manis ever to share with you, involving some seriously quick and easy water decals.

OPI Mod About You with water decals

These are D211 Black applied over two coats of the pastel pink Mod About You an oldie and a goodie from OPI. I have a stamping plate with this design too, but I've never been able to make the stamps look this great before!! 

These decals are only US$1.43 per sheet and they last pretty well with a layer of good top coat, so I seriously recommend them. There are loads of designs to choose from and don't forget my 10% off Coupon code QHL91 next time you shop at BPS - free international shipping holla!!!

To top it off, I added some small black rhinestones too. I love the half circle on my ring finger. The middle finger looks pretty wack though!!

Only 4 more exams to go now!


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Elevation Polish Jungfrau, The Wit & Tortoiseshell Nail Art

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Two exams down, five to peoples! Since I've been busy studying I haven't been photographing my manis or swatching new polishes, so I'm emptying out my 'edited' folder! Today I've got some Elevation shades to share with you.

Elevation Polish Jungfrau

Jungfrau is a muted slate-like blue with charcoal shards and blue/green shimmer flakes. It's so uncommon and striking, yet muted and very winter/autumn appropriate. Love the name too! Jungfrau is also a two-coater.

Elevation Polish The Wit

The Wit is a navy blue jelly with blue and green square micro-glitter. GORGEOUS! I applied two medium coats for full opacity and one layer of top coat for a smooth, glassy finish.

Elevation Polish Tortoiseshell Nails

Chalkboard Nails did an amazing tortoiseshell manicure earlier this year with Elevation Tettegouche, Temperance and Cascade. I bought the set of brown jellies for this very reason!!! My attempt to follow the tutorial wasn't as successful because I used too much polish and too big splotches but it still looked pretty awesome in my opinion. It wouldn't smooth out after 3 layers of top coat though, yikes!


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