Sunday, 24 November 2013

Some Girly Bits Swatches

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How's the weekend treating you? I placed a relatively large order with Girly Bits a few months back but am a bit behind in my swatching. Here are the three I've managed to wear thus far:

Girly Bits Bird Is The Word

Bird is the Word is a pinky-purple scattered holo. I'm not uber crazy about it, but I think that it is due to there being a million and one of these scattered holos around at the moment. I prefer linear or smoother holos. The formula is very nice, opaque in two coats.

Girly Bits Off The Scale

Off the Scale is a blue micro-glitter top coat that can also be worn solo with three coats. It contains blue, silver and iridescent blue-green glitter for extra sparkle!

Girly Bits Visions of Sugar Plums

Visions of Sugar Plums is a purple (with brownish undertones) jelly packed with iridescent glitters that shine pink, blue, green and purple. I'm wearing it alone at three coats but I think it'd look prettier layered over a dark purple (think China Glaze Urban Night) this Christmas!

I've got three exams left this week and am in the midst of studying for the big bad Clinical Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology....
There are just so many diagrams to memorize and all the parts of the body and their function, argh! Blast you scientists!!!!



  1. Pretty, don't think I've seen that last one before...

    1. That's funny it's the oldest one - from last year's Holiday Collection I think :)


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