Monday, 25 November 2013

Trying to make the XL stamper work for me

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I was trying to be creative-ish when I swatched Kunimitsu Flame Point Siamese a few weeks back. It's a white crelly with blue and orange glitter so I trawled the stash for the two closest coloured polishes (OPI A Roll In The Hague & Barry M Cyan Blue). 

I'd just received my XL Stamper and the 2013 Bundle Monster Plates so I tried the two together.

Not so successful was I? Believe it or not this was the result after 4 attempts!

The stamper was just so soft that I couldn't get the pattern to transfer without stretching or squashing it. Plus I couldn't get the whole stamp to transfer either. I chalked it all up to needing practice but before I could, guess what Buster did?!!!! He ate it! Now there are teeth shaped cuts in it, so I'm thinking that it'll only get harder to use.

Oh well, I just ordered a MoYou stamper. We'll see how that one goes. It would've been a cute mani if the stamping wasn't cracked :(


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