Thursday, 26 December 2013

A Pink Christmas

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I wanted to go the non-traditional route this year; so I made sure to do one xmas mani that wasn't all that Christmasy!

I painted my nails with Mod Lacquer Serenity and used some striping tape and OPI Alpine Snow for the candy cane stripes. Then I added some silver rhinestones in the shape of a Christmas Tree to my ring finger for festivity!

I hope you had an awesome Christmas with your friends & family.


Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

Christmas Baubles

 China Glaze Winter Holly & Star Kin R.S.


Tuesday, 24 December 2013

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

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It's Christmas Eve and with all the Christmas food and family around it's certainly feeling festive around here!
 I've been eyeing up all the gifts under the tree and giving mine a wee shake when no ones looking... No clues yet, but I'm hoping for some polish!!!

Here are my Christmas Present nails:

 I used striping tape with China Glaze Ruby Pumps & Emerald Sparkle, then stamped on a gold ribbon with China Glaze Passion.

And from last year's Holiday Collections - on my middle and index fingers - Sation Feliz Navi-doll & Different Dimensions Sign Your 'X' On The Line.

I hope you're enjoying the run up to Christmas rather than stressing out!


Saturday, 21 December 2013

Romance is in the air

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I had a massive destash over the last couple of weeks, managing to almost half my polish collection, sadly some of the casualties were really beautiful, but I had to be hard on myself or I'll never have room for new pretties!
This Essence sadly, didn't survive. RIP my friend.

Essence Colour & Go Time for Romance

Set in a puce sheer jelly, Time for Romance contains rose pink hex and holographic micro-glitter. I applied three coats to achieve opaque coverage.

I'll be featuring some loosely Christmas themed nail art soon, fear not, my friends!


Friday, 20 December 2013

KK Center Hk Review: Bronze 2mm Studs

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I know I shared these photos for Collab-Fest but I didn't mention the gorgeous little rose gold studs I used to jazz up Electric Dream

The 2mm size is perfect for my nails because there isn't much room for nail art to begin with! I just pressed the studs in to tacky lacquer and top coated with Seche Vite.

These will set you back US$4.50 for 100 pieces at KKCenterHk and you can use my 10% off coupon NPA10 too.


Thursday, 19 December 2013

Midnight Magic & Bad Boys

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Candy Lacquer Midnight Magic over The Polish Well Bad Boy


Monday, 16 December 2013

piCture pOlish Collab-Fest 2013

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piCture pOlish are always coming up with innovative ways to display and promote their lacquers, especially with nail blogers. 
Collab-Fest 2013 is just one of the reasons I love collaborating with them!

Today we celebrate all the amazing collaboration shades released this year.

And here's the other reason I love pp: 
they made me my dream polish!


I know my photos do my shade no justice (herehere, here and here are some colour accurate shots), but gosh darn it, I love them anyway!

Every single time I wear my collab-shade I find something new to love about it. Like today when I was taking photos in the last of the evening light, I realised it was all the colours of a summer's sunset! Pink and orange and gold! Got my very own tequila sunrise on my fingertips!!!

I've misplaced the labelled bottle so sorry about that... I've used about 1/3 of the sample one already - and in case it's not clear to non-polish hoarders; that is an unprecedented number of manicures using the same polish!
Wearing Electric Dream always manages to put a smile on my dial :)

Please visit all the other Collab-Fest posts from the amazing ladies who created shades with piCture pOlish this year. There are some real stunners I have huge crushes on, and some I'm lucky enough to already own.


Friday, 13 December 2013

Mo You Stamping CRAZY!

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Like every other blogger I've been going nuts over all the amazing plates Mo You London has been putting out lately.

I've already have all of these:

I kind of went overboard when I got some unexpected paypal currency...
Anyways - now I have all these amazing plates I'll be working 24/7 just to wear every pattern once in my lifetime!!!

So far this is the only mani I've managed to get on film:

Lacquer Lust S-Mauve-Mente stamped with China Glaze Harmony MoYou AC11

I stamped the pattern from the bottom right of Artist Collection 11 - the pattern on the dead skull lady's shawl. Sadly I chose a sucky metallic so it's hard to make out the detail of the stamp!

The images transfer perfectly for me - the only thing I will mention is that the XL images are way too big for my nails and the regular plates are borderline - for most nails they will be too small. I think my thumbs may be too wide for the full nail patterns, and if I have long nails the full nail patterns will be too short too.
Definitely keep that in mind when deciding between the XL and regular plates.

Also, as pretty as the arty full plate motifs are, they aren't entirely practical! Some of the nicest patterns are too small or in awkward shapes. I'm not sure it'll deter me from buying more though. They're just so, so pretty!!!!

MoYou plates and accessories are available online now

Thursday, 12 December 2013

French Tip Lace Water Decals Review

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*Press Sample*

Born Pretty Store sent me some really cute water decals to review.

B132 (far right)

I chose to wear them over naked nails - which are obviously stained from prolonged polish use, sorry! 

BPS Water Decals

 These were so easy to use! The tips are really long (great for talon nails), so I trimmed them a lot once I stuck them on my nails. I'd recommend trimming them before you submerge them in water though, because they become very delicate and can tear easily... 

I just topped the mani with one layer of Out The Door top coat and I was good to go. They last just as long as a regular mani on me and remove with ordinary polish remover.

For all your nail art needs and free worldwide shipping take advantage of NPA's 10% discount code QHL91 at BPS




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