Friday, 13 December 2013

Mo You Stamping CRAZY!

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Like every other blogger I've been going nuts over all the amazing plates Mo You London has been putting out lately.

I've already have all of these:

I kind of went overboard when I got some unexpected paypal currency...
Anyways - now I have all these amazing plates I'll be working 24/7 just to wear every pattern once in my lifetime!!!

So far this is the only mani I've managed to get on film:

Lacquer Lust S-Mauve-Mente stamped with China Glaze Harmony MoYou AC11

I stamped the pattern from the bottom right of Artist Collection 11 - the pattern on the dead skull lady's shawl. Sadly I chose a sucky metallic so it's hard to make out the detail of the stamp!

The images transfer perfectly for me - the only thing I will mention is that the XL images are way too big for my nails and the regular plates are borderline - for most nails they will be too small. I think my thumbs may be too wide for the full nail patterns, and if I have long nails the full nail patterns will be too short too.
Definitely keep that in mind when deciding between the XL and regular plates.

Also, as pretty as the arty full plate motifs are, they aren't entirely practical! Some of the nicest patterns are too small or in awkward shapes. I'm not sure it'll deter me from buying more though. They're just so, so pretty!!!!

MoYou plates and accessories are available online now

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