Sunday, 31 July 2011

Misa Paradise Shore Blues & Color Club Tattered in Gold

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Not Sunday! The best and worst day of the week is nearly over...
So if you are experiencing Sunday melancholy here are some blues that may indeed improve your mood!

Misa Krystal Water is a deep sky blue glass fleck shimmer. There is an aqua/cyan look to it when the glass fleck is sparkling. It is a beautiful bright colour which applies like a dream - as I have found all Misa polishes do. In two - three coats it got to the opacity you see below & I think if you were to use ridge filler it could be opaque. Very fit for summers at the beach!

Krystal Water 3 coats - flash

Misa Mermaid Dreams is the darker of the two blues from the Paradise Shore Summer Collection 2011.  It is a medium or true blue glass fleck shimmer that leans aqua/turquoise like Krystal Water. The two shades look quite similar in my photos but in person MD is much darker than KW. Application was beautiful here too, but using 3 coats meant that it stayed tacky a lot longer so I recommend using a quick dry top coat like Seche Vite or Nubar Diamont.

Mermaid Dreams 3 coats -indoors no flash

I wore Mermaid Dreams as a mani and decided to try out Color Club Tattered in Gold from their new Fractured Collection.

I layered one coat of Tattered over MD & sealed it with 1 coat of Seche Vite. Some nails crackled better than others clearly. I think I used too little polish on my ring and pinkie, but I liked the effect on my other three nails. At first I was worried it wasn't going to fracture much but after leaving it to dry for a minute I got quite pleasing results. I prefer this kind of crackle effect to the really thin brush stroke cracks you can end up with using OPI Navy Shatter or China Glaze Cracked Concrete etc.
The shade itself isn't that special, I was hoping for it to be a bit more yellow but at least it's not overpowering. I like my shatters to make the most of the base colour and TIG certainly does that. It also has a very pleasing formula like a normal polish, not at all thick/gluggy & very spreadable on the nail.

What do you think? I purchased these lacquers from Transdesign, now Nail Supplies

xxx NPA

Saturday, 30 July 2011

China Glaze Flying Dragon

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Hello Polish Princesses,
How's the weekend going? I'm so glad the school holidays are almost over! I can't wait to go to the mall without hoards of teenagers hanging around!!!! I'm not sure why but the strangers I'm most scared of are teenagers; I think it might be because they travel in packs! Even if they are nice looking kids they have that 'gang' vibe about them; something like that haha. I might need to seek some professional help for that irrational fear!

China Glaze Flying Dragon 2 coats, 1 coat SV - indoors

Flash - shows the blue & fuchsia glitter

I have been coveting Flying Dragon ever since I discovered China Glaze, so I am very happy to finally have it!!!! CG called this a neon when it came out with the Ink Collection but to me it is a medium purple with red undertones. Not especially bright or anything. LOVE IT though. The blue and pink glitter is what makes it special; it looks a bit speckled if you aren't in bright light.  I've read lots of bad reviews about the formula & how gritty it dried, but my bottle was fantastic. It isn't thick or watery and it is very pigmented, so two coats was perfect. It dries matte like neon formula polish tends to, and there is a bit of bumpiness from the glitter but not that noticeable and it  looked quite cool as was. I added a coat of SV though cos I like a glossy finish. Dry time was very good. I wonder if they reworked the formula at some point and there might be some old formula FD's around, hence the negative reviews?
Now I want to get its brother Blue Sparrow - same formula only blue!!!! Are you a fan of Flying Dragon like me?

I'm thinking of starting some weekly themed posts like Freestyle Friday, where I try to do some freehand nail art manicures - because I'm terrible at it and wouldn't mind practicing!!! Plus,  have seen some great designs & tutorials on other blogs. I just ordered some striping nail art brush so once they arrive I'll have no excuse! Would you guys be into that? Might have to start Pink Wednesday too because I liked Mean Girls and it's fun. I tried to add that photo/badge thing everyone who does PW has on their blogs but I have no idea how to do anything other that posts so if anyone knows how to add badges etc to the gadgets part of one's blog PLEASE advise me!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend & keep warm, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr NPA

Friday, 29 July 2011

Orly Pure Porcelain & Rockin' Rockette

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More Orly goodness today dear readers!

I just can't believe I overlooked Orly polish for so long. I admit I was an OPI snob. But dear I say Orly is superior in formula & brush? They might not have have as exciting collections as OPI seems to but I think I might have to start trying more of their shades out!

Orly Pure Porcelain 2 coats, indoors

I was a wee bit unsure about purchasing Pure Porcelain but now that I've tried it I'm quite liking it. From the Orly Precious Collection for Spring 2011 - a beige white creme is how I would describe it best. There is a pinkish hue to this that in my opinion is not very porcelain like (I think porcelain is more of a greyish white but that is neither here nor there). Thick and very pigmented formula, could have got away with 1 coat but I did two anyway (like always). It was very spreadable and awfully even for a pastel creme. Perfection & I think it looks quite nice next to my skin too!

Orly Rockin' Rockette, 2 coats, flash

This reddish copper-brown with gold shimmer is from last year's Holiday collection. The shimmer is gorgeous, I do love some gold shimmer. It applied as delightfully as PP - though I got a bit of cuticle drag because  didn't wait long enough between coats on my middle finger! Everyone seems to hate the name but then lots of bloggers have it listed as Rockin' Rocket - the Rockettes sound awesome so I'm a fan of this one. Also I don't have anything else even close to this colour in my stash & it feels like a sophisticated Christmas/holiday season colour.

Do you have a favourite brand/formula like me? Cos I have to say it's a toss up between Orly & Misa for me! I like a pigmented application because 3 coaters take so much longer to dry and always chip quicker or dent straight away!

Tonight I'll leave you with photos of my baby snuggling on my bed on this cold evening!

xxx NPA

Polish Infatuated Giveaway

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Hey guys,

Sharon over at Polish Infatuated is celebrating her 1st blog-iversary with an awesome giveaway. All you have to do is start following her super cool polish blog and fill out the entry form! Click here. Good luck

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Orly Happy Go Lucky - Flirty & Frolic

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These two lovelies are from the Happy Go Lucky Collection (Back to School), a set of 4 but I am yet to get the green & blue. So pretty and aptly named for fun:

First, Flirty:

Orly Flirty, 2 coats with flash


This is a very cool pink that is bright and has a bit of a purple in it as well as fine silver shimmer. Fantastic formula, thick, pigmented & very spreadable with the fabulous brush. Could easily be a one coater if applied thickly. The only shimmer in the collection & dries to a satin matte-like sheen. Top Coat it if desired but IMO it's quite nice all on its own. In real life the pink is more vibrant/bright than the photos show. This is my new favorite pink!!!!

And, Frolic:

Orly Frolic, 2 coats, indoors

Gorgeous purple creme with same satin-matte finish as Flirty. It has less blue in it than the picture shows. Quite a pinky/red undertone which lends some warmth - so a really wearable purple on me, yay! Same beautifully pigmented and easy to apply formula. I could have managed 1 coat but I did 2 anyway.

Something about the Orly brushes on these impressed me. I always thought Orly's brushes were a bit too narrow and maybe they have changed over the last year but they seem to be perfect for my small nail beds and make shaping round the cuticle so easy on me! I'm completely in love with these polishes, if I was going to rate them they'd be A+ must haves. I really hope they turn up in NZ. I think I will have to end up getting Fresh & Frisky!

xxxxx NPA

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Polish Package

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Today was AMAZING! When I arrived home this afternoon I had 3 packages full of polish waiting at my door.

One just had lots of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat in it (my current bottle is running low and is super thick & hard to apply for some reason, I wonder if it was an old bottle when I bought it TBH). But the other two had some exciting coloured polishes inside:

       Flirty - NEW COLLECTION
Nubar Gem
          Chocolate Caramel
China Glaze Flying Dragon
OPI Grape, Set, Match

Misa Shake It To The Samba
        It's You
        Krystal Water
        Mermaid Dreams
        Shop Till You Drop
        First Kiss
Orly Pure Porcelain
        Rockin' Rockette
Color Club Tattered in Gold

So get ready to see some power swatching over the next few days ladies & gentlemen! Are you as excited as me?

xxxxx NPA =

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


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Beauty Crazed is having an amazing Summer Giveaway, click on the photo to check it out!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Color Club Raspberry Rush

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3 coats RR with flash
 I love this polish!
1) neon raspberry pink creme (but not so blindingly bright as the chalky matte drying neons out there
2) Smells like berries even with top coat
3) applies like a dream
4)dries with a glossy sheen

RR indoors low light

I've worn this twice and it puts me in the cheeriest of moods! It's not a pink I've seen a lot of (but I'm new to CC ) so it is unique in my stash. The formula is kind of thin and applies very evenly, if a little sheer. At 3 coats there is still some VNL - truth be told it's only obvious to me but it does bug me! I only do VNL when it is a sheer nude, just my crazy OCD problem. But I haven't worn this on top of white or with ridge filler yet so that could very well sort it out!

Raspberry Rush is part of the Color Club Wicked Sweet Collection in stores now. I got this from Trans Design which are now Nail and they sell OPI too wahoo! But it's in NZ shops and pharmacies, to check for a stockist near you click here.

Are you a fan of the Wicked Sweet polishes too? Part of me really wants Get Your Lem-On but I already have I Always Get My Man-darin. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.... haha

xxxxxxx NPA

How Do You Know When You Have A Polish Problem?

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I did it again! I online ordered literally 20 polishes in one go. I'm not even proud (and only a little bit excited because the new CG Metro Collection is part of the haul!!!!!) !

Part of me wants to go to Polish Rehab because spending so much money on nail polish kind of means my social life suffers as I can't always afford to go everywhere and do everything, but I love my polish so much!
I was flipping through the TV channels tonight and Hoarders was on. The women were so ridiculous not giving up all their rubbish (and it really was mainly rubbish/papers or old furniture) and I was thinking freaks get on some meds and sort yourself out. But now I'm wondering if that will be me in a year or two but my house will be full of polish bottles and when they come in to take it all away I'll scream & carry on and refuse to let them get rid of anything until I'd looked through it (like one of the crazies was doing tonight).

Hmmm, some food for thought.

I was obsessive about buying makeup for a while last year though. From March til December I bought crap loads of Bare Escentuals & Smashbox & even a few crazily coloured MAC lippies & I got over that. Mainly because I realised I had a ridiculous amount of eye shadows and I was getting a bit embarrassed of people freaking out when they saw my collection. And I barely wore most of it. Turns out while I love brights colours I end up wearing neutrals most of the time cos I always feel over made up!!!! Apparently kiwis need to make more of an effort when it comes to makeup. But I think the next generation has it sussed if you've noticed the amount of makeup school girls have on their faces these days!!! Haha I'm definitely feeling my age tonight.

So after that carry on I think you deserve a treat:

That's Bubbly Bombshell (with & without flash respectively) 3-4 coats from the upcoming (I hope) Orly Pin Up Collection. Terrible photos & application cos I was running late for dinner & couldn't wait to try the glittery purple out before I left!!! The second photo is more colour accurate. This is a clear polish packed with 2 different sized hex shaped fuchsia-ry, purple coloured glitter. It actually reminds me of Nubar Petunia Sparkles colour-wise. The glitter is small & medium sized. At one coat this is pretty good as a layering lacquer - maybe a little too much glitter for some, kind of like the OPI Burlesque glitters. But it takes a bit to build up to opaqueness and I didn't love the formula, thick & dries very gritty, also not terribly quickly for a glitter. Still if you have a bit of patience this is a very fun polish, Bubbly indeed! Keep a look out in stores it ought to be here soon!

xxxx NPA

Sunday, 24 July 2011

China Glaze Mistletoe Kisses

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 This is incredibly immature but whenever I see the word mistletoe my brain instantly connects it with camel toe and I have a wee giggle. Sometimes I manage to suppress it, right now im laughing aloud! I need help.

 So... today I have a glitter bomb from CG's Tis The Season 2010 Xmas Collection.

2-3 coats Mistletoe Kisses in low light

Mistletoe kisses with flash

Click on the photos to see the texture better. MK is a translucent green packed with silver and green glitter. I can't remember if it was 2 or 3 coats but I'm thinking it was probably 3 because I like my glitters to be opaque. I want to call this green minty even though it's clearly a medium green, must just be the silver glitter. It is actually the colour of green & silver tinsel combos you can get to decorate the xmas tree or sometimes artificial tinsel xmas trees are made in this colour too. So I love it, pretty unique when it comes to the usual greens released for the holiday season. If you wanna pick it up I'd do it sooner rather than later or they'll all disappear seeing how they were limited addition and all.

Tomorrow I'll post something not related to a far off holiday haha
xxx NPA

Friday, 22 July 2011

NOTD: China Glaze Mummy May I?

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2 coats CG Mummy May I? with 1 coat SV & stamping from m57 in Special Pink Polish on accent finger (flash)

    LOVE this polish!
From the Awakening Halloween Collection 2010. This is a dark plum (with a brownish look to it) jelly with fuchsia glitter that shines through. Not very sparkly for a glitter but that is what I like. When I first got this I found it to be far too thick and gluggy to apply evenly. However after adding a few drops of thinner it is very managable and I only had to do 2 coats in the swatches below to get it to look even and opaque.

Close up of stamping on ring finger (extra coat of SV here)

The two pics are of MMI? by itself. I love that the glitter lies flat and a bit dull - a way to wear glitter without it being in your face. The squishy jelly appearance really makes this polish!

2 coats CG MMI? with 1 coat SV (indoors without flash)

Close up of polish (flash) - demonstrates how it looks in bright light
Do you like? This isn't too hard a polish to find - a bit harder than Ick -A - Body! though. Some are on Ebay and maybe even TradMe as well as online polish sellers. I'm quite looking forward to this year's Halloween Collections. They are always fun!!! I especially want some glow in the dark ones! I don't celebrate Halloween myself being a Kiwi and too old to ask strangers for candy (hah, we call it lollies over here, candy is super American to me. When I was 9 we were in the Southern States - Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee etc) where they had Piggly Wigglys (AWESOMELY cute pig logo) & a cashier asked us kids if we wanted a Sucker - we were like WTF? is she being dirty? It turned out she was offering us lollipops. Gosh the locals were friendly though, almost every time we met someone new they went out of their way to be friendly. Can't wait to go back now I'm an adult. I'd especially like to visit Louisiana for some reason - must be from reading too many Charlaine Harris books!!! Gosh I'm a geek.

Hope you had a good week, roll on the weekend! Ohhh, before I forget Scrangie has the Color Club Back to Boho Fall Collection Swatches up. I was quite disappointed by the colours really, only 1 or 2 that I'd bother buying but all the same, check them out.

Til next time xxxxx NPA

Thursday, 21 July 2011

OPI Espana Collection Fall 2009

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Greetings all today I have an older OPI Collection for you.

From Fall 2009 Coleccion de Espana has some really gorgeous colours. Actually the whole collection is a winner with me and actually rivals the France Collection, OMG!

Here are the polishes I have managed to get my hands on so far:

Manicurist of Seville : Red berry creme. So like Malaga Wine only MW has a more jelly like finish and MOS is a proper creme. Difference only noticeable in direct light where MOS is more muted and berry like compared to the redder MW. 2 coats for perfect coverage.

Pamplona Purple: Purple creme with red/pink undertones. Dupe for Zoya Demi but nicer formula. 2 coats is perfection. This pic was in actual sunlight (for once - I tend to swatch at night sorry).

 Suzi Skies In The Pyrenees is a very dark charcoal blue base with very fine grey/white shimmer. TBH it looks pretty much black unless you're in the sun or under bright light, but all my friends that've seen it think its awesome, so I'll go along with that ha ha! I had a bit of cuticle drag but I was probably in a rush when I was swatching it & thicker coats make it opaque in 2, doing thinner coats I went for 3 or too much VNL happened. But I'm a VNL Nazi - even a hint only noticeable in extreme close up is intolerable to me!


 Ate Berries In The Canaries - Gorgeous bright purple fuchsia creme. More or less a dupe for Dim Sum Plum, but on close examination DSP is a little dustier/duller. Interestingly my mum will wear DSP but not ABITC - even though they look the same to me. She thinks ABITC is too bright for a woman her age. Whatever! It's my fav in the collection by far.

Bullish on OPI - I really don't understand the name. Is it some sort of pun I can't figure out? Couldn't it have been called Bull Fight or Matador or something more understandable? Anyway this is a brick red creme. I like it because I have nothing else like it in my collection yet and it is very complimentary to my warm skintone. Most reds are too blue based (which I adore) so I end up with really ghostly looking hands!!! This is a red I can wear without self-consciousness hooray. Also a bit more sophisticated IMO.

So there you have it, an oldie but a goodie. I still want to get my hands on more of these babies, especially No Spain, No Gain & Can You Tapas This? Maybe even Conquistadorable Coral...

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

NOTD OPI Blue My Mind Cloudy Skies

Pin It Howdie Ladies!

Right now my kitty cat Sophie & my puppy dog Charlie are having a snooze and a cuddle on my bed! Well poor 21 year old Sophie is actually  following me and head butting me trying to get some more attention. I think she's so senile she doesn't realise she's had lots of love already today!!! But she is beautiful so I don't mind too much.

Here's what I did to my nails this morning:

OPI Blue My Mind stamped with White Special Polish Clouds (m79)

First I put on some base coat and 3 coats of OPI Blue My Mind because it just arrived the other day and I'd been dying to see if it was as amazing as I had always dreamed it... It is!!!!!!!! I can't believe it took me so long to buy BMM. A perfect royal blue - sheer which explains the need for 3 layers, but it's worth it especially since the formula is so thin and goes on smoothly.

Close up with flash

Next I stamped the cloud pattern from m79 on each nail using White Konad Special Polish. Probably not the best colour to put on top of a dark blue cos it shows through a bit but I think it worked. Very average stamping job on my behalf but I'm still learning the art of Konad so big whoop.When I put my hand out in front of my face it looked like I was wearing Sally Hansen Nail Wraps so I was quite happy!

With 1 coat of OPI Last Friday Night

Lastly I put on 1 coat of OPI Last Friday Night because I wanted it to look a bit rainy, but it just looks sparkly to me. And there's nothing wrong with that! I think it is cute anyway - not all that age appropriate but I didn't have work so :p !!!!!

What do you think? I ordered the new Bundle Monster plates yesterday too! Can't wait for them to arrive
xxx NPA

Sunday, 17 July 2011

OPI Miss Universe Collection 2011

Pin It Hey hope everyone's weekend has been  fabulous!
I'm still at death's door sort of, but in Auckland it is so sunny and warm today that my spirits are high! Today I have 2 polishes from this upcoming OPI collection for you to oogle! I do apologise for the blurriness of the photos. My hand was very shaky and I just wanted to get to bed when I was swatching so they are not my best work...
They should give you a good idea of the colour though. And if you would like to see some much better ones, check out the Polishaholic's ones.

It's My Year

ITM is just like Rally Pretty Pink except it is purple with all the gold foil shimmer. Shines beautifully & a bit more flattering on cooler skin tones than RPP was. Looks gorgeous and I'm sure it will be perfect under Black Shatter. Great formula/application, can't remember if it was 2 or 3 coats though sorry, the flu has rotted my memory. Dries quickly.

Swimsuit... Nailed It!

SNI is such a mind blowing electric blue foiled shimmery sparkle bomb! I haven't seen anything like it and it definitely suits its name! I think this is the must have of the collection by far! But be warned: IT WILL STAIN! I swatched it without base coat because I thought I'd be removing it straight away but I forgot about it and once I did take it off I had to buff my nails to get rid of the blue left behind and some is still stuck in ridges I can't get rid off haha. So please do use a good base coat!!!! This is an outstanding formula though so pigmented it needs only 1 coat for full coverage. I still did 2 all the same but 1 is perfection. Dries quickly too so perfect for out the door manicures.

This mini collection is a winner with me. The 2 other colours are great too, but Congeniality Is My Middle Name is very close to The One That Got Away from the Katy Perry Collection. If you missed out on it then pick it up, but I have too many polishes to need dupes so I passed. Same reason for not ordering Crown Me Already. It is basically a silver version of Spark De Triomphe, maybe a little more glitter packed with large and small hex glitter. I have a cheapy LA Colors Color Craze in Sparkling Diamonds which is so close that I decided not to get more. But I would of bought it had I not had a similar lacquer already in my stash.

Are you excited for the collection to come out in NZ? Which colours will you be purchasing?
xxxx NPA

Friday, 15 July 2011

Essie Brazilliant Collection Swatches

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 Hey guys hope your day is going well, I'm still flu-ey which is a pain in the bum considering I got the flu jab this year!!!! Oh well, it gives me more time to blog!

This half of the Brazilliant Collection is awesome! The micro shimmer particles in the three polishes are really cool and this is the best orange polish I've seen in ages, so prepare yourselves. For newer photos of the following polishes (taken in sunlight) click here

Brazilliant - indoor low light

Brazilliant - indoors

Brazilliant - the namesake of the collection is just AMAZING! It doesn't come through so much in the photos but the micro-shimmer particles look pink in person (which you can see on the bottle photo here) and make this medium bright orange unique and super pretty/summery. Hands down my favourite orange ever. This is a must have, seriously! I ended up using 3 coats here but 2 was perfect. This is also the best Essie formula I've got (I don't own many), usually I find the brushes a pain in the butt combined with the thinnish polish & get lots of cuticle drag. BUT this formula is a good consistency, highly pigmented & opaque. No drag whatsoever, even though I didn't wait in between coats.

Smooth Sailing - indoor, low light

Smooth Sailing - flash
 Probably the most popular of the collection  Smooth Sailing is a darker blue than Spring's Coat Azure, more cornflour blue IMO. Also it has bigger micro shimmer sparkles than the other two polishes in a white/silver colour. The indoor pic gives you an idea of how in looks out of the sun, kind of speckly. Then when you get some light on it, it shimmers so prettily, not OTT like proper glitters. Gorgeous & perfect application like Brazilliant.

Super Bossa Nova - flash

Super Bossa Nova - Flash

Super Bossa Nova - indoors low light

Super Bossa Nova is described as a fuchsia pink - I suppose it is but IMO fuchsia should be much more purple.  I think I would describe SBN as a medium pink with blue micro sparklies like Brazilliant. That blue injection is what gives it more of a fuchsia feel. I love this one too!!!! I thought it was a dupe for OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia, but when I compared the bottles FF is darker & more purple & the shimmer type is slightly different I think. SBN is a bit chunkier. Perfect application, two coater like the other two.

These shimmers really impressed me. I think they're the best polishes from Essie since the 2009 Resort Collection - and these formulas are better too! There are 2 red/orange cremes & a dirty light grey which looks a bit like Playa del Platinum in this collection too but they didn't excite me cos I had similar ones in my collection. They've got good reviews though.
Do you agree with me? I'm also really excited for their upcoming Fall Collection because it includes an orange colour that they're describing as tan, it reminds me of orangey/brown handbag leather so that is definitely going on my shopping list!!!!

Hope you enjoy these polishes as much as I do!!!!

OPI Stems Collection Swatches

Pin It Please excuse the state of my nails, life has been tough on them lately & while I no longer bite them, I pick at the skin around them as a nervous habit that I forget I'm even doing; which is why they don't look so nice in photographs :(
Perhaps I should make a pledge to try not to do that for the next week. Will let you know how I get on, I don't have high hopes!!!

On with the collection!!!!!!!!! Not out in NZ yet, hopefully they will be by August.

Come To Poppy

Come To Poppy (flash)
Come To Poppy - Is a beautiful coral pink pearl polish. The flash made the colour look a lot bluer pink than it is. Really pretty and nice to see some pearl finishes back in stores, it makes these kinds of colours more wearable for older ladies & a wee bit softer too. The formula is the best yet from OPI's 3Free polishes. Pretty much covers perfectly in one coat. I did two for good measure though. Goes on like butter, richly pigmented and opaque, AMAZING!

Play The Peonies

Play The Peonies (flash)

 Play The Peonies - is a very light pink pearl. Same formula as CTP. This reminds me of Suzi And The Lifeguard from OPIs South Beach Collection, except it is a few shades lighter - way more white obviously. I did 3 coats but I think 2 would have been fine if I hadn't been shaking so badly. I take a medicine that's side effect is shakiness and today my hand had a mind of its own when I was trying to apply this one so I had to even out the application with a third coat, Hopefully next time my hand will behave!

1 coat I Lily Love You over Play The Peonies

1 coat I Lily Love You over Play The Peonies (flash)
I Lily Love You has a pink jelly base with tons of irregular flakes of opalescent sparkles. Definitely a layering polish I think. Doesn't it look pretty over PTP?! Very complimentary I think because it also darkens PTP making it a bit pinker. I haven't tried it over CTP but I doubt it will look as good as this. I can't wait to try this over other bases!

I didn't get the fourth polish (Be a Dahlia Won't You?) in the collection because it looks awfully similar to CG 108 Degrees & I don't need any more pinks in that shade or finish.
I really love this mini collection from OPI, so simple & sweet and most importantly WEARABLE! They're also a bit different from what everyone else is offering for summer so I like that!
What do you think? Love it or leave it?

I see this is already out, at least Beyond Beauty has it in stock so I suppose you'll be seeing it in a store near you the next time you look!
xxx NPA


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