Tuesday, 12 July 2011

More Swatches From My Trans Design Haul

Pin It Hey ladies, today I have some new swatches to show y'all (sometimes I wish I was a Southern Belle/just had an american accent so I could say y'all without people thinking I was mad!!!). Actually I wouldn't mind it if my daddy had a plantation & an awesome antebellum house! Anyways...

On with the polishes:

CG Midnight Mission - the photos are a wee bit average of this one, it was an overcast day so I photographed inside and the camera just wouldn't capture the shimmer. I think it's quite a beautiful polish. dark blue loaded with a silver foil-like fine glitter shimmer, if you know what I me haha. Very pretty, the photo without flash shows what I mean so click to enlarge it guys.

Color Club Love 'em & Leave 'em - This is a gold holographic polish. Not as linear as the CC OMGs, same style to Worth the Risque etc. I like this because it's a wearable gold on my skin tone, quite beige like in appearance - good formula too with super fast dry time.

Color Club Magic Attraction - is a super unique holographic glitter polish in a kind of pinky grey base I guess. Opaque in 3 coats, not sure what it is like layering, but it's definitely got an ooohhh factor.

Orly Royal Navy - a gorgeous royal blue base (that has a jelly like quality due to its translucence) with fine green shimmer which ultimately dries matte, oddly! Just knock out neat. Needs 3 coats and there's still some VNL but only noticeable up close. Could be my favourite blue of all time - right now!

That's it for this post. Tomorrow I shall bring you an AMAZING green. Perfect for christmas, or maybe a midyear xmas party that I hear some companies have, or am I thinking of a mid-winter feast? Either way it's very special!

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