Sunday, 10 July 2011

"I'm Baaack, Baby Doll" - My First Misa's

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I think that might be a quote from HIMYM, go Teddy Westside. I see Channel FOUR is showing the season 6 now YES!
Got the lap back, managed to ruin the hard drive cos the fan was blocked and it all overheated :(. I think most of my files were saved though thank the Baby Jesus. I was really worried all my swatches would be lost!!! Lame I know, but clearly they're important to me.

Today I have a few swatches from my latest haul: Misa! I've fallen in love with their formula. Its very different from other polishes but once you get used to the thickness/spreading ability it looks awesome & super shiny. Very opaque, LOVE! I bought it from Trans Design most polishes are US$3 - $4 except essie which is US$8. Where they get you is the International shipping. If you buy 9 bottles or less it costs US$20 but 10 or more and you'll be paying at least $50 to ship to NZ! So I advise buying 9 bottles per order - weird that it could be cheaper to order seperate shipments rather than all at once but ho hum. Ends up very fair in the end, comparable/cheaper than ebay. They stock Orly, Essie, China Glaze, Color Club, Misa & a few other brands that I haven't heard of before. Check it out. Think it took about 2 weeks to reach me, so very fair.

Here are the swatches:

Misa coffee break 2 coats
 More of a purple taupe than a coffee colour! But amazing application very opaque but it is also a formula that likes to spread so watch out for flooded cuticles. Once you get used to misa's formula, application rocks! FYI - the colour wasn't photographing right, it's a bit darker in real life). From what I can tell this is very close to China Glaze's Below Deck - lighter than OPIs YDKJ and more purplely. Creme finish and dries quite glossy!

Misa Office Polish-tics 2 coats
 This is the star of the 9 to 5 collection (which is filled with lots of cute names to do with the work day). A dark blue grey creme. Very similar to Zoya Kelly on the nail, but when you compare bottles Kelly is more of a dark purple grey. I prefer this polish though because of the formula. The Zoya polishes are a big gluggy and the neck of the bottles is so long in comparison to the length of the brush that I always end up with too little polish on my brush and then get major cuticle drag. Therefore I'd recommend this one over Kelly. Personal pet peeve is all. Zoya has such great colours though!

Misa Paint My Nails @ Work 2 coats
 The best name for a polish EVER! This creme looks different to me in different light. I suppose it's a light shade of taupe but sometimes I look down at my nails and see dove grey. Perhaps it is a putty grey? If anyone can accurately name this colour feel free to correct me in the comments section! Perfect application and it's a tame yet edgy/chic work appropriate polish

Misa Throw Me Something Purple Please 2 coats
Please excuse the weird swatch picture. I could not be bothered editing my photo before I uploaded it so now we're stuck with the weirdness FOREVER... or until I edit this post, haha. A super cool party people colour if I've ever seen one. A Cornflower blue/purple that is beautiful. Applies like a dream just like the rest.

These shades encouraged me to order more Misa polishes so again the purse has taken a hit.  In a couple of weeks I will have some more swatches to show for it xxx

If you have any swatching requests flick me an email or comment on a post and I will do what I can :)

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