Saturday, 30 July 2011

China Glaze Flying Dragon

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Hello Polish Princesses,
How's the weekend going? I'm so glad the school holidays are almost over! I can't wait to go to the mall without hoards of teenagers hanging around!!!! I'm not sure why but the strangers I'm most scared of are teenagers; I think it might be because they travel in packs! Even if they are nice looking kids they have that 'gang' vibe about them; something like that haha. I might need to seek some professional help for that irrational fear!

China Glaze Flying Dragon 2 coats, 1 coat SV - indoors

Flash - shows the blue & fuchsia glitter

I have been coveting Flying Dragon ever since I discovered China Glaze, so I am very happy to finally have it!!!! CG called this a neon when it came out with the Ink Collection but to me it is a medium purple with red undertones. Not especially bright or anything. LOVE IT though. The blue and pink glitter is what makes it special; it looks a bit speckled if you aren't in bright light.  I've read lots of bad reviews about the formula & how gritty it dried, but my bottle was fantastic. It isn't thick or watery and it is very pigmented, so two coats was perfect. It dries matte like neon formula polish tends to, and there is a bit of bumpiness from the glitter but not that noticeable and it  looked quite cool as was. I added a coat of SV though cos I like a glossy finish. Dry time was very good. I wonder if they reworked the formula at some point and there might be some old formula FD's around, hence the negative reviews?
Now I want to get its brother Blue Sparrow - same formula only blue!!!! Are you a fan of Flying Dragon like me?

I'm thinking of starting some weekly themed posts like Freestyle Friday, where I try to do some freehand nail art manicures - because I'm terrible at it and wouldn't mind practicing!!! Plus,  have seen some great designs & tutorials on other blogs. I just ordered some striping nail art brush so once they arrive I'll have no excuse! Would you guys be into that? Might have to start Pink Wednesday too because I liked Mean Girls and it's fun. I tried to add that photo/badge thing everyone who does PW has on their blogs but I have no idea how to do anything other that posts so if anyone knows how to add badges etc to the gadgets part of one's blog PLEASE advise me!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend & keep warm, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr NPA

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