Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Zoya Spam

Pin It Zoya has the most amazing range of colours available! If only it was more readily available in New Zealand! I only have a few because it's a bit pricier than other brands I can buy on ebay, but I'm going to have to get over that!
I found a kiwi website Extend Marketing Ltd that sells Zoya and the other Art of Beauty product lines; QTICA & QTICA Smart Spa. Bottles are $21 each + shipping is around $10. I strongly recommend you check out the collections though because they are gorgeous & almost all the shades are called girls names, which is cute and a bit different from most 3Free polish brands out there.

Here are the Zoyas I have so far:
(top - indoors, bottom - flash)

Burke - A slightly dusty, berry red creme.From the Wonderful Collection. Quite nice, especially in autumn and winter. Two coater.

 Demi - From the Dare Collection. A dupe for OPI Pamploma Purple. Very pretty red based purple creme. Really hot, better on warm toned ladies.

Drew -  Is so pretty and it's also a "mum approved" colour! A deep rose pink with gold shimmer. Very easy to wear, I think it would suit cool and warm skin tones. From the Truth Collection

Envy -  Also from Dare. In the same vein as OPI Here Today ... Aragon Tomorrow. A very dark forest/hunter green with subtle blueish shimmer that is only noticeable in direct light. Gorgeous. ( I need some more adjectives.)

Kelly -  Wonderful Collection. A dark purple/grey creme that is much closer in person to the indoor photo than the flash. Dries darker than in the bottle for me, but I think I used 3 coats because I applied it poorly. It is not quite a dupe for Misa Office Polish-tics, a wee bit more purple leaning.

Shawn - Wonderful Collection. I was a little disappointed with Shawn because it dried much darker than in the bottle. BUT I put on 3 coats again because I rushed the application and got unevenness happening. I think at 2 coats it would have been a bit closer to the bottle colour. This is the most unique green in my collection because it's sort of dirty, kind of reminds me of pond scum - in a good way. I do love the colour. It's also a creme.

Valerie - Wicked Collection. Just unbelievably AWESOME. A real shimmer bomb. Dark reddish purple base loaded with gold & I think pink shimmer. The shimmer has a bit of a duochrome thing going on. My swatches do not do it justice. A must have!!!!

The Bad Part: Not really bad but I find that the dry time is quite long compared to OPIs etc. Do not put a 2nd layer on until the first is dry because you get major cuticle drag on the cremes. But it's just about getting used to using the formula (which can be a bit thick) and the narrower brush. I think I had application issues because the necks of the bottles are ultra long and I wouldn't pick up enough polish on my brush = uneven layers. However, if I took care when applying my Zoyas I would have had picture perfect nails.

The colour range is incredible and so many are wearable so definitely get into Zoya if you can. I can't wait to get my hands on the Intimate Collection, especially Gemma & Danni!!!!

Love to you all,

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