Friday, 29 July 2011

Orly Pure Porcelain & Rockin' Rockette

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More Orly goodness today dear readers!

I just can't believe I overlooked Orly polish for so long. I admit I was an OPI snob. But dear I say Orly is superior in formula & brush? They might not have have as exciting collections as OPI seems to but I think I might have to start trying more of their shades out!

Orly Pure Porcelain 2 coats, indoors

I was a wee bit unsure about purchasing Pure Porcelain but now that I've tried it I'm quite liking it. From the Orly Precious Collection for Spring 2011 - a beige white creme is how I would describe it best. There is a pinkish hue to this that in my opinion is not very porcelain like (I think porcelain is more of a greyish white but that is neither here nor there). Thick and very pigmented formula, could have got away with 1 coat but I did two anyway (like always). It was very spreadable and awfully even for a pastel creme. Perfection & I think it looks quite nice next to my skin too!

Orly Rockin' Rockette, 2 coats, flash

This reddish copper-brown with gold shimmer is from last year's Holiday collection. The shimmer is gorgeous, I do love some gold shimmer. It applied as delightfully as PP - though I got a bit of cuticle drag because  didn't wait long enough between coats on my middle finger! Everyone seems to hate the name but then lots of bloggers have it listed as Rockin' Rocket - the Rockettes sound awesome so I'm a fan of this one. Also I don't have anything else even close to this colour in my stash & it feels like a sophisticated Christmas/holiday season colour.

Do you have a favourite brand/formula like me? Cos I have to say it's a toss up between Orly & Misa for me! I like a pigmented application because 3 coaters take so much longer to dry and always chip quicker or dent straight away!

Tonight I'll leave you with photos of my baby snuggling on my bed on this cold evening!

xxx NPA

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