Friday, 22 July 2011

NOTD: China Glaze Mummy May I?

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2 coats CG Mummy May I? with 1 coat SV & stamping from m57 in Special Pink Polish on accent finger (flash)

    LOVE this polish!
From the Awakening Halloween Collection 2010. This is a dark plum (with a brownish look to it) jelly with fuchsia glitter that shines through. Not very sparkly for a glitter but that is what I like. When I first got this I found it to be far too thick and gluggy to apply evenly. However after adding a few drops of thinner it is very managable and I only had to do 2 coats in the swatches below to get it to look even and opaque.

Close up of stamping on ring finger (extra coat of SV here)

The two pics are of MMI? by itself. I love that the glitter lies flat and a bit dull - a way to wear glitter without it being in your face. The squishy jelly appearance really makes this polish!

2 coats CG MMI? with 1 coat SV (indoors without flash)

Close up of polish (flash) - demonstrates how it looks in bright light
Do you like? This isn't too hard a polish to find - a bit harder than Ick -A - Body! though. Some are on Ebay and maybe even TradMe as well as online polish sellers. I'm quite looking forward to this year's Halloween Collections. They are always fun!!! I especially want some glow in the dark ones! I don't celebrate Halloween myself being a Kiwi and too old to ask strangers for candy (hah, we call it lollies over here, candy is super American to me. When I was 9 we were in the Southern States - Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee etc) where they had Piggly Wigglys (AWESOMELY cute pig logo) & a cashier asked us kids if we wanted a Sucker - we were like WTF? is she being dirty? It turned out she was offering us lollipops. Gosh the locals were friendly though, almost every time we met someone new they went out of their way to be friendly. Can't wait to go back now I'm an adult. I'd especially like to visit Louisiana for some reason - must be from reading too many Charlaine Harris books!!! Gosh I'm a geek.

Hope you had a good week, roll on the weekend! Ohhh, before I forget Scrangie has the Color Club Back to Boho Fall Collection Swatches up. I was quite disappointed by the colours really, only 1 or 2 that I'd bother buying but all the same, check them out.

Til next time xxxxx NPA

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