Thursday, 14 July 2011

Holy Day! OPI Miss Universe & Stems Collection & Essie Brazilliant

Pin It The polish gods have smiled upon me! Today my ebay orders from all three yet to be released in NZ collections arrived in the mail. Way to turn a crappy day when I'm getting the flu into an amazing one. Yes my back and neck are aching and stiff and I'm getting the chills every hour but OMG THE POLISHES HAVE LANDED

Here's a quick look at the bottles:
L-R Essie Brazilliant Collection Summer 2011 : Brazilliant, Super Bossa Nova & Smooth Sailing

L-R OPI Stems Summer Collection 2011:  I Lily Love You, Play The Peonies & Come To Poppy

L-R OPI Miss Universe Collection 2011: Swimsuit... Nailed It! & It's My Year

I will work away like crazy swatching these bad boys/girls for you all, I will have them up over the next 3 days! So stay tuned!
FYI my nails are non existent cos they started breaking so I might only be swatching middle, ring & pinkie - they're the only average length nails I have left - on both hands funnily enough! Do your thumb and index fingers break more than the rest? I guess it's just because I use them more than other fingers gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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