Monday, 25 July 2011

How Do You Know When You Have A Polish Problem?

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I did it again! I online ordered literally 20 polishes in one go. I'm not even proud (and only a little bit excited because the new CG Metro Collection is part of the haul!!!!!) !

Part of me wants to go to Polish Rehab because spending so much money on nail polish kind of means my social life suffers as I can't always afford to go everywhere and do everything, but I love my polish so much!
I was flipping through the TV channels tonight and Hoarders was on. The women were so ridiculous not giving up all their rubbish (and it really was mainly rubbish/papers or old furniture) and I was thinking freaks get on some meds and sort yourself out. But now I'm wondering if that will be me in a year or two but my house will be full of polish bottles and when they come in to take it all away I'll scream & carry on and refuse to let them get rid of anything until I'd looked through it (like one of the crazies was doing tonight).

Hmmm, some food for thought.

I was obsessive about buying makeup for a while last year though. From March til December I bought crap loads of Bare Escentuals & Smashbox & even a few crazily coloured MAC lippies & I got over that. Mainly because I realised I had a ridiculous amount of eye shadows and I was getting a bit embarrassed of people freaking out when they saw my collection. And I barely wore most of it. Turns out while I love brights colours I end up wearing neutrals most of the time cos I always feel over made up!!!! Apparently kiwis need to make more of an effort when it comes to makeup. But I think the next generation has it sussed if you've noticed the amount of makeup school girls have on their faces these days!!! Haha I'm definitely feeling my age tonight.

So after that carry on I think you deserve a treat:

That's Bubbly Bombshell (with & without flash respectively) 3-4 coats from the upcoming (I hope) Orly Pin Up Collection. Terrible photos & application cos I was running late for dinner & couldn't wait to try the glittery purple out before I left!!! The second photo is more colour accurate. This is a clear polish packed with 2 different sized hex shaped fuchsia-ry, purple coloured glitter. It actually reminds me of Nubar Petunia Sparkles colour-wise. The glitter is small & medium sized. At one coat this is pretty good as a layering lacquer - maybe a little too much glitter for some, kind of like the OPI Burlesque glitters. But it takes a bit to build up to opaqueness and I didn't love the formula, thick & dries very gritty, also not terribly quickly for a glitter. Still if you have a bit of patience this is a very fun polish, Bubbly indeed! Keep a look out in stores it ought to be here soon!

xxxx NPA


  1. Where did you order your big polish haul from??

  2. What are the shipping costs like their to NZ?

  3. sorry Morgan I can't figure out out how to reply to your comments i'm useless at technology! My shipping was 30 something for 20 bottles of polish which is about the same as it would be from some ebay sellers. charges US$20 for 9 bottles of polish and after that it jumps to $45 so it's cheaper on head 2 toe, but nail supplies has cheaper prices on essie & orly so its just a toss up. On both you can go through the order process to see the shipping cost and then terminate it before pay time. I recommend doing that :) Have you checked out they have trademe prices like $14.50 for OPI & 12.50 for essie & orly & shipping is just $3 for next day courier!


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