Thursday, 14 July 2011

New Day, New Look

Pin It I've been fiddling with my blog's design the last couple of days. I still don't like it but it's ok for now. what do you guys think? It's very boring but seems much easier to read. All the patterns that I liked as backgrounds were too distracting.
Sometimes I wish I was still with my ex, cos he was amazing with computers, then I could make my own design! He was a prick though so maybe NOT, haha. Will have to look into who to make my own unique title. Does anyone know how one goes about that?

A couple of polishes arrived yesterday, yay! I love coming home to a package, perks me up at the end of a long day I tells ya. I haven't had time to swatch them yet, car trouble + Auckland traffic + rain = no time to play with my polish before bed. I'll get a chance tomorrow though so that's something to look forward to. One of the lacquers is OPI At Your Quebec & Call from the Canada Collection (Black Label) and VHTF or maybe just HTF for people in the States. I have coveted it for 4 - 5 months and finally decided to bite the bullet and just pay a bit more than usual in order to add it to my collection. Just gorgeous! So get excited ladies!

Right now though, I am putting up some Barielle shades. Check out their website here to find out about the brand as it isn't available in NZ as far as I'm aware. They have a relatively small colour assortment because I believe they specialise in hand & nail care. But what they do have is pretty neat & some are also UNIQUE. Their new summer collection just came out too, you can check that out over  Let Them Have Polish.

A Bouquet for Ava - A teal blue creme. Similar to OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui but not a dupe. ABFA is greener and brighter. Good formula, if a bit thick but it is also very opaque & the brush is very decent, good fanning! Here I'm wearing 2 coats.

Aura Angora - Is such a cool colour! It's a dark mustard yellow that leans quite gold. Definitely a fugly but thats why I wanted it so much. Fugglies make me feel chic for some reason. Same application as ABFA

Blackened Bleu - Is gorgeous!!! A black jelly base filled with this super pretty blueish (IMO teal) super fine glitter. I love it! Needs about 3 coats but very easy formula to work with. When I'm in the sun it sparkles so prettily!

Falling Star - Is fairly special & unique. A dark medium blue creme base (a few shades darker than photo in real life) with copper coloured glitter. I have to say the idea of it was better than the reality for me. Because it is a creme the glitter doesn't stand out much which is ok, except that when you apply a thick or second coat lots of the glitter gets covered completely, so it's kind of like what's the point? Having said that though, I never applied it expertly in the least. I need to try putting it on again using thin layers or maybe 1 really thick layer to see if thagt solves the problem. Even though it's a B to apply I still think everyone needs it in their collection cos its so pretty in the bottle. And a one of a kind.

Hidden Hideaway - Is a very dark plum purple shimmer. In low light you don't really notice anything special but in the sun you see reddish, gold & purple shimmer. Quite pretty, but I have better purple shimmers in my stash.

U Concrete Me - A simple concrete grey creme, two coats is perfect. I want to see yellow undertones in this but I think in person it leans more blue. Nice staple to have around.

So that it is all I have for now. I bought these from Wowshop but they don't have any of the new collections so I haven't been back for more since these babies arrived in March.

Hope you like them! Now I have to get back to cuddling my beautiful white fluffball in bed because it's cold and rainy. Charlie says Woof!

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