Tuesday, 31 January 2012

NOTD: Ali's Big Break is As Gold Ast It Gets

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Hey guys,

I added Essie As Gold As It Gets to OPI Ali's Big Break that I showed you a couple of days ago.

AGAIG - 1 coat over OPI ABB - sunlght

AGAIG - 1 coat over OPI ABB -shade

AGAIG - 1 coat over OPI ABB -macro

You know I'm not 100% sure I'm sold on AGAIG. It's a good idea in theory but I'm not sure it looks that great on the nail... Or maybe it just looks a average over red?

What are your thoughts?


Monday, 30 January 2012

Dollish Polish Super Diva Collection

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Hello ladies,

Have you checked out the Super Diva 4 piece glitter set from Dollish Polish yet?

California Gurl - 2 coats - overcast

California Gurl - macro

California Gurl - 1 coat ove r

California Gurl has a pink tinted base filled with fuchsia and blue glitter as well as blue hearts and stars. 2-3 coats gives opaque coverage and it looks really awesome layered! So girly a la Katy Perry.

Put a Ring on It - 2 coats over OPI Alpine Snow - sunlight

Put a Ring on It - 2 coats over OPI Alpine Snow - sunlight

Put A Ring On It has gold and silver glitter in a yellow tinted base with large black and silver holo hex. Definitely a layering polish and very blingy.

Little Monster - 1 coat over ChG Grape Pop - shade

Little Monster - 1 coat over ChG Grape Pop - sunlight

Little Monster inspired by Lady Gaga is a holographic glitter top coat with multi-coloured bar/stripe glitter. I was a bit skeptical about LM but once I got it on, I was floored! I didn't put a top coat on this so it's not super smooth but looks awesome. You just have to put a little effort in to rearranging the bar glitter so it doesn't hang off the edge of your nails. LOVE

Super Bass - 2 coats over OPI Rumple's Wiggin' - shade

Super Bass - 2 coats over OPI Rumple's Wiggin' - sunlight

Super Bass inspired by Nicki Minaj is a purple and cyan blue glitter with small hex glitter as well as sparse-ish super large purple hex glitter. I friggin' love the extra big hexes!!! They look so good on the nail with absolutely no curling. Again the photos are without top coat. The blue glitter really pops and is a nice twist on all the other blue and purple glitter mixes on the market. Another EPIC WIN Dolly!

How do you feel about the set?
You can purchase these HERE for $16/5mL or $36/15mL bottles

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends!!


Sunday, 29 January 2012

NOTD: OPI Ali's Big Break

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Hey everyone,

Wow, yesterday's post for Fox Trot was mega popular! Note to self: take better pics of all my Hits flakies and post them pronto!!

Today I'm wearing Ali's Big Break from the Burlesque Holiday Collection 2010. I have to say it's pretty rockin'!!! Sadly, Auckland is the 'King of Overcast' today so the photos aren't the best. Still, they give you an idea.

ABB - 2 coats - lamp

ABB - 2 coats - lamp

ABB - 2 coats -overcast

ABB - 2 coats -overcast

ABB - 2 coats -overcast

The bottom two pics are the most colour accurate. ABB is a blue toned red with ruby to gold flecks of shimmer. It's so very pretty and glamourous!!!

I'm going to take a leaf (ok, flat out copy) out of Sparkly Vernis' book and start putting my layering order at the bottom of every post. I love knowing how to recreate other bloggers manis/ see what base and topcoats they use, so yeah.


Layering Order:

2x  Orly Armour
2x  OPI Ali's Big Break
1x INM Out The Door

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Fox Trotting to the beat of my own drum

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How awesomely amazing is Specialita Hits Fox Trot?!

Fox Trot - 3 coats - sunlight

Fox Trot - 3 coats -sunlight

Fox Trot - 3 coats -sunlight

Fox Trot is a medium red purple jelly filled with orange to green colour shifting flakies. Looks fab on warmer skin tones. It's not 3 free but I do not mind at all. Just wish it came in a bigger bottle!!!! I'm wearing it with 1 layer of Out The Door top coat for smoothness and shine.


Friday, 27 January 2012

Blue Friday

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Happy Friday my lovely ladies,

I'm not blue at all, quite the contrary... But I ordered my first Barry M's a little while ago and out of 11 polishes 6 were blues! They make AMAZING blues - so vivid 1-2 coaters and they dry super glossy!!!

Here is Blue Moon, a pastel blue with a subtle shimmer.

Blue Moon - 3 coats - sun

Blue Moon - 3 coats - lamp

Blue Moon - 3 coats - lamp

It's a little sheer so you really need the full 3 coats to get it opaque and non-streaky. This is the only blue of the bunch that needs 3 coats though.

I loves it! It leans a little green too so it's more flattering on me than all the really cool toned blues I have.

What is your favourite blue polish? Or, are you not a blue polish fan?


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Revlon Edgy Elegance - GIRLY

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Hey guys,

Last night I fully intended to put up a post, but my body had other ideas.
I was just chilling in my room watching some tv etc. At some point I must have gotten into bed and the next thing I knew it was morning! I fell asleep around 8pm and slept for 12 hours straight. That might not seem like much, but for me it is CRAY-ZAY!
I usually don't go to bed til around midnight so 8 hours is a brilliant sleep for me - it's often only 5-7 hours, which I know is way too little.
I woke up this morn feeling drugged. It was blissful!

So here is another polish from the Revlon Edgy Elegance Collection that they released last year. I got mine from Traci's blog sale for uber cheap, yay!!!!

Girly - 2 cats - shade

So not the best swatch!!! I think I used a cotton bud to clean up, never again... Girly is a very pretty pastel lilac with heavy silver (though it looks a little like pearl) micro shimmer/glitter. I'd use a topcoat because the formula is pretty thick and can give you rough edges on your tips. Plus it adds shine!!! I love how soft Girly is!!!

Do you like? Does anyone have Aloof from this set? I kind of want the pretty snowy shimmer but am on the fence - how do you feel about it?


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Revlon Edgy Elegance - FIERCE

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Hey girlies,

Tonight I have a nail polish from Revlon that is really gorgeous. Unfortunately it reminds me of Tyra Banks. Grumpy Face!!!!!!

Fierce - 2 coats - lamp

Fierce - 2 coats - lamp

Fierce is a very pretty plummy pink-purple foil. Revlon's formula isn't really like other foils though. The silver looks more like pearly coloured micro glitter/shimmer until you go to remove it and it turns silver - odd, but a little less reflective than regular foils. It feels a bit more subtle than the Color Club Foiled Collection, for instance. Two coats is coverage enough.

take care, I'm off to bed


Monday, 23 January 2012

Cult Nails Clairvoyant

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Bonjour mon amie(s)!

How are you this evening? I just got a new flat, yay! That takes a bit of the stress off of moving cities!

I also managed to get some photos of Clairvoyant on its own a few days ago so this is your Sunday treat!!!

Clairvoyant - 4 coats - sunshine

Clairvoyant - 4 coats - sunshine

Clairvoyant - 4 coats -indoor lighting

Clairvoyant - 4 coats -shade

It needs no description, the photos say it all. I included the last one even though it's a bit out of focus because it shows the vibrancy of the flakes best!!! This is designed as a layering polish, that's why you need 4 coats to make it opaque.

On Facebook the other day Maria (creator of Cult Nails) said they may not be able to make any more Clairvoyant! Something about not being able to access a key ingredient :( Gutted, lets hope it isn't so!! But for those of you who snapped up this bad boy, congrats & conserve! :)


Sunday, 22 January 2012

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat & maybe a Patronus!

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Hope everyone's weekends are gay old times!

The sun was actually shining on and off today (amongst the clouds) so I got some quality swatching time in, yeah. Probably not a major thrill to most, but I was pretty happy, nail nerd that I am...

I bought these polishes from Dollish Polish back in October, but I never got good photos of them so it's taken me a while to get a post together.

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat - 2 coats - sunlight
We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat - 2 coats -shade
We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat - 2 coats -lamp

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat is inspired by Jaws. Blood in the water? It's an ocean green blue shimmer with small and medium red hex glitter. You get great coverage in 2 coats and it's so unique! According to Dolly, my batch was a lot greener than it's supposed to be. If you go to the shop she has colour accurate bottle and macro shots.

Expecto Patronum - 3 coats - overcast
Expecto Patronum - 3 coats - shade
Expecto Patronum - macro

Expecto Patronum is amaze-balls! Inspired by the patronus in Harry Potter, it has a soft white creme base with fine flaky shimmer that shines orangey gold in some light and cyan glitter - fine and medium hexes! It does take about 3 coats to get good coverage and even-ness so I recommend just layering it over a white creme - looks the same but you waste less of the beauty!

You can purchase these and other of Dolly's beauties *here*

Are you feeling the love too?


Saturday, 21 January 2012

Go B Y S yourself!

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Hey ladies,

Is it just me or does this post title seem a little OPI-ish? I'm not even sure what 'BYS yourself' is supposed to mean? Hmmmmmm...

Anyways, my BYS polishes started off my addiction (all but 1 of these are 3-4 years old and going strong), so I thought I would share them with you.

Hocus Pocus - 3 coats - lamp

Hocus Pocus is a light greeny blue shimmer - pretty, but sheer.It was released in the Summer Brights Collection.

Ultra Violet - 2 coats - lamp

One of my favs!  Ultra Violet is a very pink based purple shimmer - bright and bold, lives up to its name. Another Summer Bright.

Hissy Fit - 3 coats - lamp

Hissy Fit is the ultimate reddish-orange coral, also from the Summer Brights Collection. My camera made it look lighter and more orange. It's such a fun summer colour - super bright a la OPI Cajun Shrimp or Monsooner Or Later.

Cherry Bomb - 2 coats - overcast

Cherry Bomb is a dark pink with a jelly-like formula but is full coverage like a creme. I love hybrids! It is part of BYS's core collection. In some lights it almost looks red, kinda like this pic, on my monitor anyway.

La Di Da - 4 coats - lamp

La Di Da indeed. I look at it as my cheapy version of Zoya Caitlin.  Another Summer Brights release. I'm not sure what you call this shade; somewhere between periwinkle and lavender with a touch of grey? Very sheer though!!!

Urban Jungle - 2 coats - lamp

Urban Jungle is actually one I picked up recently from the core collection and I adore it! Something about these sagey/dirty greens draws me in!!! It's so pretty but not girly or too military. Perfection.

Blue Bang - 3 coats - lamp

Blue Bang is a sky blue jelly - surprise, surprise yet another Summer Bright. Applies like a dream and when you use a ridge filling base coat (I used Butter London Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat), it's opaque in 2-3 coats :)

I got all the Summer Brights when brightly painted, stubby nails came back in to fashion! That's how they hooked me, I wasn't completely ashamed of my bitten stubs anymore!

Hope your Fridays are/were a great gateway to the weekend!!


Thursday, 19 January 2012

More Dollys

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Hi guys,

Here's some of Dolly's movie polishes.

Yeah Baby, Yeah - 2 coats - lamp

Yeah Baby, Yeah - 2 coats with top coat - overcast

This Austin Powers inspired lacquer is a great pink based purple with blue shimmer. (There's silvery blue hex & small glitter as well as red bar glitter mixed in and it dries to a satin matte finish. The blue shimmer looks amazing when it's matte but Yeah, Baby, Yeah also looks awesome with a glossy top coat. In the pic I'm wearing a coat of Seche Vite.

Nope, The Other Edward - 2 coats - lamp

Nope, The Other Edward - 2 coats - overcast

This solar system polish was inspired by Edward Scissor Hands - hence the title, Nope, the other Edward! It's a black jelly with fine holo glitter. The formula is flawless, two coats is enough for opacity and because it is a jelly, the black is a bit softer and easier to wear! My photos do not do it justice, I promise.

Millennium Falcon - 2 coats - lamp

Millennium Falcon - 2 coats - lamp

Millennium Falcon is a stunning full coverage silver holographic glitter. The glitter is fine and very dense so 2 coats = perfection. The formula is very nice to apply and all you need is a good top coat like SV to make it smooth and shiny. I had to take the photos under lamp light, so it looks less impressive than IRL. Rest assured, in the sun and shade your nails look like disco balls!!!

I'm The Ghost With The Most, Babe - 2 coats - overcast

I'm The Ghost With The Most, Babe - macro

Inspired by Bettlejuice  (before Models Own brought out the duochromes too) - ITGWTMB is the same coloured green foil as Color Club's Liquid Mol-ten but it has tons of white/silver glitter or shimmer in it, as well as black and white hex glitter in different sizes. It feels very wintery chic to me. Very opaque too, I think you could get away with one coat.

How do you feel about these ones?

You can get your hands on Dolly's creations at her Etsy store Dollish Polish in 5 or 15mL bottles.



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