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Dollish Polish - Valley of the Kings GLITTER Collection

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Good Morning Ladies,

After writing my best of post on glitters the other day, I felt like it was the perfect segway in to Dolly's new glitter collection! But first, a little back story:

Before Christmas Dolly asked me if I would like to photograph swatches of her polishes for her etsy store. Of course I said, "Hell, yeah!" It's so awesome to make a friend through the nail blogging world and really flattering that she wants to use my swatches. Plus I think I've established (with many past posts) that I'm a huge fan of her frankens!! I actually had 16 of her minis before she asked me so...

Anyway the first lot of Dolly's polish samples arrived just before New Year and amongst them was her brand spanking new Valley of the Kings collection. I believe it is inspired by Dolly's love of Egypt/Egyptian history & culture. These were sort of conceived as opaque glitters but they look so good layered over other colours too! The names are rocking as per usual!!!

Stolen from Dolly's facebook page , sorry Dolly

This is a long post so click to read on

A Day In Cairo

A Day In Cairo - macro

This is a mixture of red, rosey pink, gold and silver micro glitter in a slightly pink tinted suspension base with a small amount of small/medium black hex glitter in it too. On the nail it reminded me of China Glaze's Mrs Claus or OPI DS Bold, of course they are not the same but the pinky/red and silver together gave me that Mrs Claus feel!

A Day In Cairo (4 coats) - overcast

Now alone, this is just ok, but...

2 coats of ADIC over Zoya Jules - sunlight

With two coats over Zoya Jules (champagne shimmer), it looks gorgeous! I'm not sure if this photo really captures that, but it was a great combination. It turned luke warm feelings for ADIC into a love only expressible through song, "Darling, you look wonderful tonight..."
These polishes are so easy to apply, no crazy shaking is needed to get the black hex out either. Dolly is going to go heavy handed on the black hex in her next batch too - so it'll be even more awesome!

Bow To The Pharaoh

is just a wee bit amazing and certainly deserves your subservience! Set in a clear base; there's dark blue and gold micro glitter as well as small plain gold & gold holo hexes.

Bow To The Pharaoh - lamp

This was 4 coats so I think it needs to be layered. Keep in mind that in real life the coverage was a bit better than this. My lamp tends to leech out polish coverage. Maybe it's just jealous? If the base was tinted I would wear it as a stand alone glitter.

2 coats BTTP over Urban Decay Superfreak

So I put an Urban Decay gold foil called Superfreak underneath 2 layers of BTTP and it looked gorgeous. I felt rather regal. It reminds me of Cleopatra; all that gold and rich blue Elizabeth Taylor wore in the film? To die for. I wish I had a more yellow gold to use as a base because I think  the glitter would pop even more.

Walk Like An Egyptian

Walk Like An Egyptian - macro

Funnily enough I had been trying to franken my own bronze glitter mash up (and failing!!!) when I opened up the package from Dolly and found what I had been imagining for weeks!!! Great minds, etc.  So WLAE (great song!) has a light brownish bronze tinted based and is full of micro glitter ranging in colour from gold to dark bronze. Then to top it off there are lots of small light bronze hex glitters in there too!

3 coats Walk Like An Egyptian - overcast
3 coats Walk Like An Egyptian - lamp

Coverage wise, I'm tempted to wear this by itself at the moment; but when my nails grow out, with the VNL and all I think my tips will end up looking too yellow.

2 coats WLAE over OPI Warm & Fozzie - indirect sun

2 coats WLAE over OPI Warm & Fozzie - shade

I don't have much in the way of bronze polish and I really ought to with the number of lacquers I'm packing (I actually did a tally last night and I'm a wee bit sick about the number I've hit, a blog sale might be in order). So I ended up putting 2 layers over the fabulous Warm & Fozzie. This would probably look better over a gold but ho hum, I like. It actually looked great with just 1 coat but I did 2 for consistency with the other swatches.

Palm Fronds

Palm Fronds Macro
 I'm kind of loving this one i) I don't have any green glitters & ii) I love chunky square glitter!!! Palm Fronds is a mixture of micro, medium hex & large square green glitter in varying shades, including a little gold and silver; all of this is set in a yellowy green tinted suspension base. Are you green with envy, haha, very bad cliche.

3 coats Palm Fronds - overcast

So it might not really be a wear alone glitter but I think it could rock when paired with green, yellow or gold. Maybe even blue or purple too. I am stoked to have a square glitter finally, it's half the reason why I am dying for some Lynnderellas!

2 coats PF over NYX Alaskan Wild - shade

2 coats PF over NYX Alaskan Wild- sunlight

I paired it with NYX Alaskan Wild (an amazingly bright deep grass green jelly creme). Again, 1 coat looked great but I did 2 for consistency. Palm Fronds also has my mum's stamp of approval - she didn't like Alaskan Wild but once I put PF on top she thought it was wonderful!!

Travellin' The Nile

Travellin' The Nile - macro

Travellin' The Nile is vibrant mix of blue and sea green/teal micro & small hex glitter with some iridescent big cyan blue hex and micro glitter in there too. It really does look magical, like crystal clear water!!!

4 coats Travellin' The Nile - lamp
Four coats was a bit tedious but my sample was a touch thick so the glitter payoff wasn't the best.  I think with some thinner (I believe Dolly is tweaking the recipe still so it will be perfect when they go on sale) I could achieve better coverage. Can you just imagine this in a blue jelly or blue tinited base?!!!

2 coats TTN over China Glaze For Audrey
 I tried layering it over a turquoise/blue and For Audrey was the only non-greyed one I had so I gave it a bash. I added some thinner to it before I applied it and just 1 coat on top of Audrey looked amazing. I did a second for the whole consistency thing and it actually kind of ruined it IMO! t was was more "WOW" before. Next time I will use just one. I'm going to try layering it over a medium blue next :)

I saved the very best for LAST


Scarab - macro
Wowee! Dark blue, green, bronze/gold & black glitter together!!! There's micro & small glitter as well as medium and large hex glitter! It's a green beetle party and you're invited. The base is ever so slightly tinted black, but you can really only tell in the bottle.

3 coats Scarab - lamp
Scarab gives the best coverage out of the lot, probably thanks to the micro/small glitter filling in the bald spots! I would definitely wear it alone. The lamp pic is deceiving you again, you could barely see my nails in real life.

2 coats Scarab over Color Club Artsy Crafty
I tried to layer it over a hunter green but the closest I could get was Artsy Crafty which is a wee bit darker, looked brilliant though! The pale bronze glitter really stands out in this pic! AMAZING!!!!

If you're loving this collection as much as me, head over to the *Dollish Polish* Etsy store when the set goes on sale Jan 9th. They are available in mini & full size bottles, but they can be purchased only as a set.
Mini Set - $24
Full Size Set - $48

Hope your first weeks back at work haven't killed you yet and that it's super sunny (or wonderfully wintery if you're in the northern hemisphere) for the weekend!!!!!



  1. Wow, I'm generally not a fan of glitter, but I would love to have at least half of these...

  2. Oh so pretty. I especially love Travellin' The Nile! I'm absolutely in love with all of Dolly's creations : )

  3. I'm not a glitter fan but it's so nice to get to do swatches for a friend!

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