Friday, 27 January 2012

Blue Friday

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Happy Friday my lovely ladies,

I'm not blue at all, quite the contrary... But I ordered my first Barry M's a little while ago and out of 11 polishes 6 were blues! They make AMAZING blues - so vivid 1-2 coaters and they dry super glossy!!!

Here is Blue Moon, a pastel blue with a subtle shimmer.

Blue Moon - 3 coats - sun

Blue Moon - 3 coats - lamp

Blue Moon - 3 coats - lamp

It's a little sheer so you really need the full 3 coats to get it opaque and non-streaky. This is the only blue of the bunch that needs 3 coats though.

I loves it! It leans a little green too so it's more flattering on me than all the really cool toned blues I have.

What is your favourite blue polish? Or, are you not a blue polish fan?



  1. I still need to get this polish, every time I go to get this, it doesn't look great in the bottle, but always looks fab on the nails. Shame it needs 3 coats though. :o(


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