Wednesday, 18 January 2012


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Hey ladies,

Great news, Buster's home :) He seems back to normal too! Tearing round the house, chewing everything he can and eating as much food as he can get! So I'm a lot perkier as a result and I think the cold disappearing too.

To celebrate his homecoming here are some brand new Dollish Polish creations. They're duochrome top coats from her Fire in the Night Sky collection, available now here.

Aurora Australis - 1 coat over OPI Black Onyx - overcast
 Aurora Australis - the southern lights - is an awesome gold to pink/fuchsia color shift top coat. I've put it over black so you can see the full effect, but my mum had it over Essie Lion Around and it looked gorgeous. Over the pale pink it looked like a pretty fuschia sparkle.

Aurora Borealis - 1 coat over OPI Black Onyx - overcast
Aurora Borealis - the northern lights - is a purple to blue colour shift top coat. This is beautiful too, haven't tried it over anything but black but I bet it kills over blue or purple bases.

Northern Lights - 1 coat over OPI Black Onyx - indoors

Northern Lights - 1 coat over OPI Black Onyx - lamp

Northern Lights is a green to gold colour shift top coat. This is what the northern lights have always looked like to me - from photos that is. Again, gorgeous.

What I love about these is that 1 coat is all you need and they apply beautifully thanks to the great formula. I've seen another Etsy shop that sells pretty much the exact same set, but Dolly's are a bit cheaper, as is her shipping!

You can purchase these as a set for $24 US in 15 mL bottles or $12 US in 5mL bottles. They are also available individually for $8 or $4 respectfully.

I'll have more of Dolly's polishes to show you this week! I spied a really cool Valentines Day limited edition duo on her store too - Love and Anti Love:

I want Love Me Tender so much right now!!!!!!!!!

Hope you like!



  1. wow! the two Aurora polishes are amazing! I wish I wasn't on a low buy at the moment.

    1. they are!!! you could always get the minis! im on a 'no buy' myself, damned uni!!! I need to work in the real world! A little birdie told me I might be getting some polishes brought back from america this week though so I'm praying the hold me over!!

  2. I just bought Northern Lights, love! <3 Em


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