Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Orly Mineral FX Collection Swatches

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Evening Ladies,

I picked up 4 of the new-ish Orly Mineral FX polishes - some from Traci's Blog Sale & the others from nailsupplies.usnailsupplies.us

Rock It - overcast - 2 coats

Rock It - overcast - 2 coats

Rock It - overcast - 2 coats

I've seen that this isn't so popular with most nail bloggers, but I'm in love with it!!!  Rock It is a predominantly deep pink/magenta/burgundy shimmer with orange-gold shimmer that gives it a sort of duo-chrome look. Just so so so so pretty! Fantastic formula too, applies like a dream in two thin coats and dries very quickly.

Rock Solid - overcast - 3 coats

Rock Solid - macro - 3 coats

Rock Solid was a bit of a let down for me. Admittedly it was overcast so I didn't get the full effect of the holo glitter but I feel like it gets sort of lost with all the silver shimmer going on in this gunmetal grey base. The China Glaze & Sally Hansen version look way glitterier, so maybe this is the mature one. It takes 3 coats but it's got a nice formula, if a little thin.

Rock The World - overcast - 2 coats

Rock The World - overcast - 2 coats

Rock The World - macro - 2 coats

Rock The World is another Zoya Faye type polish. It's very nice though, it has a thicker formula than OPI It's My Year & Orly Ingenue, plus it is a gorgeous plummy pink/purple with ultra heavy gold shimmer. It was overcast so my pics do not show how blingy it can get! This covered great in 2 coats and was also a dream to apply.

Stone Cold - overcast - 3 coats

 Stone Cold is so awesome! I missed out on Lunar Eclipse from the Cosmic FX set so I had my eye on this one since the promo shots started coming out. It is a beautiful deep blue with chunky glass fleck sort of shimmer - kind of like OPI's Meep Meep Meep? It's a bit on the thin side so I used 3 coats for full coverage, so dry time was a little longer as well.

I didn't get Emberstone or Rococo A-go-go because I already have polishes that are very similar (OPI Animal-istic & Zoya Valerie) and was trying to limit myself! I kind of hope to one day soon, get my hands of Emberstone because it looks so fiery!

Which ones do you want?

xxx NPA

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  1. I like the Stone Cold but it is very similar to OPI swimsuit Nailed it-it's the only one I liked from this collection-too glittertastic for me!


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