Sunday, 15 January 2012

Nerd Lacquer Beggar's Canyon

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I'm still feeling sick - have had a niggling sore throat since New Years & started getting a tad phlegmy and coughing this week. Then yesterday I got a headache & felt crap, ended up sleeping most of the day. Today the sore throat's gone, only to be replaced by an achy neck and back :(

Enough of complaining though, here's another Nerd Lacquer for you.

Beggar's Canyon - 2/3 coats - sunlight

Beggar's Canyon - 2/3 coats - shade
Beggar's Canyon is a gold shimmer with gold and purple hex & micro glitter. Some of the  gold glitter has a bit of an orange cast to it. I LIKE. I used 1 coat of Seche Vite top cot for the photos, to add shine.

You can purchase Nerd Lacquer from the Etsy Store or from Harlow & Co



  1. That's lovely! Hope you start to feel better soon : )

  2. Very pretty! I just ordered a mini quad set from nerd lacquer sometime last week. Had such a hard time narrowing down my choices, they all look so awesome. This one is on my want list :)

    1. I love her mini quad option! I got two mini quads just before xmas and i had trouble narrowing it down to 8!!! i still have a long wishlist too!!


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