Monday, 2 January 2012

Epic Polish Wins of 2011 - GLITTERS

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Hey everyone,

Happy New Year!

Been MIA for almost a week and am finally getting back in to the blogosphere! I went away for a few days at New Year for the Highlife event in Matakana - actually really enjoyed myself (thanks LISA!).
Had my friend staying with me for a few more days which was nice and now I'm back on my lonesome... Actually I have a LOT of polish to keep me company!!!

Now it's time to get back to my favourite polishes from last year. Today it's the fabulous glitters that just kept on coming last year:

No More Waity, Katie - 3 coats

Butter London's No More Waity, Katie was a bit of a love it or leave it but for my part, I love it. I will try layering it over a grurple (grey/purple) in the future so that it looks nice and even up close, but I don't mind the sort of bald looking spots. Needs a top coat for smooth surface.

The Dark Knight - 2 coats

Butter London's The Dark Knight is a gorgeous black base with blue, pink, red & silver/gold glitter. It was a holiday release that I couldn't stop myself buying! Dries very gritty so 2 coats of SV was a must.

Holiday Splendor - 2 coats

Color Club's Holiday Splendor is a holo glitter version of the earlier Untamed Luxury. It was the only polish from the holiday collection to have a tinted base so it had a superior formula and great coverage. The bright sea green is beautiful, as are the holo sparkles.

Black Polka Dots - 2 thin coats

I really love that Nubar's Black Polka Dots is a black hex glitter. It also contains small black glitter. I learned to do thicker coats to get way better coverage, but it's still a layering polish, not a wear alone. My one and only black glitter, will definitely treasure her.

Love Is A Racket - 2 coats

Love Is A Racket - 2 coats

Maybe some would consider this a shimmer but something about the large flakes in Love Is A Racket (from the Serena US Glam Slam release) scream  hybrid to me. Apart from the awesomeness of it's shimmer & shine; it is the most incredible pink/red colour - almost duo chromatic (but not quite). Great dry time too!

Temptation - 3 coats

OPI DS Temptation was one of the new Designer Series releases. A violet tinted base with blue, purple & fuchsia glitter. Looks amazing, no pics would do it justice. Needs lots of top coat because it is ultra gritty.

Pepe's Purple Passion - 2 coats

Yum, yum, boysenberry glittery/shimmer delight. OPI's Pepe's Purple Passion IMO was the stand out of the Muppet's Holiday Collection. Super opaque, it is a dark burgundy/maroon with flakes of winey glitter or shimmer. This seems to have the same sort of flaked pieces as Love Is A Racket. It dries to an odd texture and likes its top coat. The shimmer it gives off is so pretty in the sun.

It's Alive - 2 coats

China Glaze's Halloween glitter offering It's Alive blew me away. From the promo shots I thought it was just a renamed Zombie Zest - turns out it's an awesome dark green base with swamp green micro glitter & medium hex glitter to boot. Amazing coverage & application too! I can't wait til next Halloween when I'll be rocking it again!

Are there some glitters you went gaga over last year that didn't make it onto my list? Do share!



  1. I love Holiday Splendor SO MUCH! So so so pretty. I really want Black Polka dots. So cool.


  2. I am loving nubars white polka dot! Ink I need that color club. So pretty!


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