Saturday, 14 January 2012

Orly Androgynie - Yay or Nay?

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Evening Ladies,

I'm voting YAY for Androgynie.

When I got this last year, I was feeling nay. I swatched it  and didn't like application because, like everyone else has said, it's difficult to get the holo glitter onto the nail, and when you do the glitter just gets lost in the black brown jelly base.

But I gave it another chance and I have to say I'm glad I did because I appreciate it now!

Androgynie - lamp - 2-3 coats

Androgynie - lamp - 2-3 coats

I've been wearing a lot of glitter frankens lately (not my own but from glix, nerd lacquer & dollish polish) and some of them require vigorous shaking before use to get the hex glitter onto the nail; so when it came to androgynie, it didn't bother me to give it a really good shake up. When it was really mixed the hex glitter spread out on my nails easily and showed up really well - better than the photo shows cos the lamp light always manages to weaken the sparkliness of my glitters.
I've come to like the brown/black jelly base too. It's a less extreme way of wearing black - I especially recommend it to peeps who are afraid of looking a bit gothic or are super pale. The glitters also distracts you from the fact it is a black.
And for anyone who wants it to be really black - just layer it over a black creme - simple pimple!

So are you a Yay-er or a Nay-er?



  1. this is actually the first swatch I've seen of this color. I like it. The holo glitter is hard to see, but it's pretty when you catch it. I like it!

  2. this is beautiful! i love it!

  3. NAY!!!! I have this and don't like it. I love it in the bottle though. I wish there was more of the bigger glitter :(

    1. fair enough! You should add some chunky holo hexes to your bottle and show us the results!!!!!


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