Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Two Birds Franken - Sandcastles in the Sand & a half moon mani

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Hey everyone, how's your Tuesday going?

It is frigid as f*** at my flat! And the wind howled all of last night keeping me up, so I'm not the happiest of chappys today! But I did get some nail mail to soften the blow :)

I have got my hands on the entire Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless collection, courtesy of My Nail Graffiti's Blog Sale .

I'm not sure how everyone else felt about this collection of 'rubber finish' lacquers, but I'm wearing Taint now and am LOVING IT! It just looks like my nails are wet, definitely a shiny type of matte finish - much nicer than putting matte top coat over non-glitters.

I'll get round to posting the whole set sometime soon and then you can see for yourself!

Now, for the point of this post...
Back in March I snatched up some frankens from sisters Sarah and Sandy's etsy store Two Birds One Store.
Sarah also has a blog See Sarah Swatch you should check out!

In this mini haul I grabbed Sandcastles in the Sand, the follow up to Robin Sparkles! I just love that these polishes are inspired by How I Met Your Mother!!!!

Sandcastles in the Sand

Sandcastles in the Sand is a putty/grey neutral with subtle linear holo effect. It looks grey in some lighting and more beige in others. Maybe it's a light mousey shade? It's got a runny formula but application was pretty good and two coats was enough to hide VNL.
I think the holo is comparable to that of Glitter Gal 3D Holographic in Ballerina.

I just adore this pretty! Every time I see the bottle Sandcastles in the Sand starts playing in my head!

Oh James van der Beek! Who else loves him in The Bitch in Apartment 23?! I always enjoy an actor playing 'themselves'!

It looks like Sandy and Sarah will soon have a permanent line of frankens available on Two Birds by the end of the month so I'll keep an eye out on that and let you know :)

I decided to try out the whole nude and fluoro combo trend so I did a half moon mani with China Glaze Pool Party.

Pool Party & Sandcastles in the Sand

Pool Party's an intense neon pink - almost red tones in - and of course my camera makes it look like a coral/orange, but you get the idea. I jazzed it up a little with some purple gems on my thumb and ring fingers but didn't get any pictures. I was too impatient to try the Illamasquas on!!!

Take care now and stay warm if you're experiencing a nasty winter!



  1. That color is beautiful,love it!

  2. Argh that's so pretty! A neutral - I'm gonna love it, add some holo... PERFECT! And your half moon mani is gorgeous too!

  3. I'm so jealous that you got the entire Theatre of the Nameless collection!! I love those rubbery finishes, can't wait to see them :D.

    1. And they were just US$7 each, so much cheaper than buying them new!!!

  4. OMG... Sandcastles in the Sand is an amazing color. Wish I could get this one. Are they going to be stocking this color?!? I don't have anything like it! I *Love* this color!

    1. i have no idea but you should message them and let them know that you're interested for sure :)

  5. Wow Sandcastles in the Sand is so, so lovely! I love the combo of that, and the bright polish too :]

  6. I love James! He's so awesome! This mani is really cool!

    1. Did you see the episode where he creates a super tight line of jeans? SICK!!! I loved him in Mercy too, was pissed when they cancelled it!


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