Saturday, 2 June 2012

NOTD: Urban Decay Miss T & a little bit of Lynnderella Boy Girl Party

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Hey y'all,

Happy Queen's Birthday weekend New Zealand!!!!

Sadly, getting Monday off doesn't mean too much when you're on Study Break! Two long weekends a year always land on the first day of study break for the mid and end of year exams. Grrr UC, gggrrrrrrrr!

It's nice for all the working peeps though :)

I am wearing a pretty cool mani right now and it's always fun to share what I'm actually wearing in real time than swatches from the vault, so here goes:

Miss T - 2 coats - white light

Miss T - 2 coats - white light

Miss T - macro

First off, Miss T is darker and more vibrant in person but after lots of fiddling with the camera, it still washed the heck out it!!! Temptalia has a really great swatch here showing the true colour. I won this in a giveaway from Jenna Froggy at I'm Still Thinking.
Mademoiselle is a gorgeous and vibrant ultra blue toned fuchsia shimmer. It is slightly brush-strokey, but it looked awesome regardless! MT has great pigmentation, needing two coats for good coverage.
I added 1 coat of NYC top coat for these photos.

Boy Girl Party tape mani - white light

Boy Girl Party tape mani - white light

Boy Girl Party tape mani - macro

 Boy Girl Party is a mix of different pinks, blues and red glitters of all shapes and sizes in a slightly pink tinted base. It is a serious party on your nails. I never do tape manis, mainly because I can never find my cellotape!!! I didn't want to cover up all of Miss T because she's so HOT, so I taped off my nails on an angle that didn't quite reach from corner to corner of the free edge (nail tip). Then I painted on one layer of BGP. Lastly, I topped it with 1 layer of Seche Vite and then a coat of Revlon quick dry top coat because the glitter corners still felt rough.

I'm very pleased with the result! It just looks more stylish than a full glitter nail, but I'm thinking I ought to glitter the whole of my ring fingers as an accent!!!!

I love wearing girlie pinks every now and then. I know heaps of you are anti-pink and especially anti-pink glitter, but it feels good to be a quintessential girl! I never wear pink clothing, in fact I think the only pinkish thing I own is a pair of fuchsia suede high heels (which are super high with a closed, curved toe and haute!) - so I feel like my nails can deal with screaming, "I have a v-jay-jay and I'm proud of it!"

Hope your weekends are everything you want them to be!!!



  1. Very pretty color. Love how you added Boy girl party.

  2. Great combo! And I feel your pain about this public holiday on monday, in the same boat :(


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