Sunday, 24 June 2012

U Jelly?

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Or you very soon shall be, unless you've already bought your own bottle of The Hungry Asian's u jelly?

Bottle shot because 1) it's so cute & 2) I couldn't get a non-spaz swatch while holding the bottle!

 My mum got a way more awesome camera with 20x optical zoom so these photos are 100x better than usual. If only there was some decent sunshine!! Most of the photos were taken in sunlight as opposed to shade but not full sunshine; more during the parting of the clouds.

u jelly




u jelly? is a very pink leaning red jelly filled with square and hex glitters in various sizes. In person the glitter just looks red, but in the macro shots you can see some glitter looks to be either pink or silver - I love the added complexity and depth it gives!
UJ? looks great with just 2 coats, but if you want full coverage I'd go with 3. At 3 coats I had only a hint of VNL if I scrutinised my nails!!! Application was fantastic too, very sheer on the first coat but it looks squishy and even after the second.
I wrapped my tips and added 1 layer of INM Out The Door and after 3 days, I still only had a tiny hint of tip wear and NO chips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First time ever!!!
So snaps to Kae for such an amazing polish.

Two of my friends absolutely adored this mani, so I'm sure many of you will too!
I actually gave the mini bottle to Bex because I know I'll be buying a full size as soon as possible!!!

You can get your hands on more of Kae's polishes at her Etsy store for US$4.50 (mini) and $9.25 for a full sized bottle. It will not disappoint!

In unrelated news: I've been a little lazy since I got home and have been lavishing attention on Charlie and Buster rather than blogging! If they're not in my arms or spooning with me in bed, I'm chasing them round the house or playing tug of war or fetch with Buster!!  I have an idea that spooning one's dog is possibly creepy and weird, but Charlie loves being little spoon!!!! Plus he's like a super soft hot water bottle! Buster prefers to curl up on my pillow :)

Anyway, have no fear; I brought a box of 'untrieds' up to Auckland with me (seriously, my suitcase was HEAVY!) and plan to knock out some swatches this week.



  1. This looks like mashed strawberries! yumm

  2. Love love love!!!! And now it's allllllll mine!!!! Thanks lovely lady. Xxxxxx

  3. Wow!! I haven't been a huge red fan in the past but this is one to sure change that!! Looks great!!

  4. This does look like strawberry jelly! Very cool!


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