Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunday Spam: Amy's Nail Boutique

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It's a mini spam of Amy's Nail Boutique matte glitters!!!
These are my very first matte glitters and they DO NOT disappoint!

Cotton Candy over OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender

Cotton Candy is a matte blue and pink ultra fine glitter in a clear base. I layered 2 coats over a lilac/pink creme. The blue is darker in person but for some reason no one seems to be able to photograph it true to life. Formula wise this is ok, it's not really got great stand alone potential, but 1 coat over a base is very pretty. I['m wearing it here with 1 coat of NYC Grand Central Station top coat and it's nice and smooth.

 One Sweet World over Barry M Strawberry Icecream

One Sweet World is my stand in for NailVenturous Pinkerbell! It's a mix of ultra fine pink, blue and yellow matte glitter in a clear base. So it's really just Cotton Candy with yellow glitter but the coverage seems to be better. This is again 2 coats over a baby pink creme. I used 1 layer of NYC top coat again, but it's still textured looking in the macro. I love the yellow, might tint the base pink and wear it alone!

Nautical Nonsense over Orly Frolic

Nautical Nonsense is a blue and white small hex glitter in a clear base. This one stands alone at 3 coats and looks awesome!!! I'll show you one day soon :) I'm wearing 2 coats here over a Frolic. I rushed the 2nd coat so the glitter clumped a bit, my bad!

Roxy over Illamasqua Vice

Roxy is the one I was most excited for! It's a mix of purple and pink small hex in a clear base - just like Nautical Nonsense. I just love the magenta pink in Roxy - it's a fairly unique coloured glitter and I love it! I rushed the second coat on this one too, which is why the glitter is a little clumped. I tried this one alone and needed 4 coats which gets a bit too thick IMO. I'd love a tinted pink base (HINT HINT Amy...). I'm wearing it over the berry Vice rubber finish from Illamasqua, yum, like raspberry and blackcurrant!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my first Sunday Spam! You can purchase Amy's creations HERE from her Etsy store at $4.50 a mini or $8 for a 15mL bottle.



  1. All gorgeous, lucky you for having them all x

  2. These are a little too glittery and happy for me!

    1. I think you could do something pretty awesome with nautical nonsense!!! Especially if you did a snow or ocean themed stamped funky french!

  3. I Love Matte glitters & also been wanting Pinkerbell so I am loving this! Great Combo

  4. I Love Matte glitters & also been wanting Pinkerbell so I am loving this! Great Combo

  5. I love all of Amy's polish!!! Great pics :)!


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