Sunday, 10 June 2012

Spotlight On: Paris Sparkles Part II

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Happy Sunday!!!

Now why am I so happy, considering Sunday is usually bitter-sweet? TRUE BLOOD is back baby!
I only have to wait another half a day til I see what's going on in Bon Temps for season 5!!!!!!!!!!!
You better believe I'll be stalking the torrent sites!

I managed to get another 4 Paris sparkles swatched over the weekend, so I thought why not continue the Spotlight On: series?

 Black Licorice
Black Licorice - 2 coats - sunlight

Black Licorice - 2 coats - overcast

Black Licorice - macro

 Black Licorice is a black based jelly filled with silver holo hex, black glitter and a smattering of green hex glitter too! You can see the green hex on my middle finger in the first photo. It's a 2 coater glitter - fab! Application was easy with the formula being on the thicker side. You'll need a couple of layers of Seche Vite to make it super smooth and shiny.

Bubble Gum
Bubble Gum - 2 coats over pink - sunshine

Bubble Gum - 2 coats over pink -white light

Bubble Gum - macro

 Bubble Gum is in the same style of Wintermint. A sheer bubblegum pink riddled with iridescent glitter, the odd piece of giant pink hex glitter and some small pink hex glitter. I've layered 2 coats over Claire's Mood Polish in Silly/Awesome - one of my favourite colour changing polishes! Sorry about the messy macro - must have missed the bit of polish during clean up! I love Bubble Gum just as much as Wintermint, it's like having pink sugar coated nails!!! You need a couple coats of top coat to make it smooth and shiny too.

 Red Ruby
Red Ruby - 2 coats - sunshine

Red Ruby - 2 coats - white light

Red Ruby - macro

 Red Ruby is very similar to Blaze but it is a deeper orange, approaching red and has small, medium and large orange hex glitter as well as fine holo glitter. It's not ultra blingy but it is always glowing like embers in a fire!!!! I really love it! I have a feeling my batch might be a little off, colour-wise though, because judging by the etsy listing this is supposed to be a red polish. I don't mind at all though, because I have so many red glitters and this deep tangerine/blood orange is right on trend!!

Sweet Coraline
Sweet Coraline - 2 coats - shade

Sweet Coraline - 2 coats - white light

Sweet Coraline - macro

 Sweet Coraline is a salmon coral with fine silver square, hex and small hex holo glitters and medium silver bar and hex glitter.  The base is of the milky creamy variety and just gorgeous!!! You will need a couple layers of top coat for Coraline too because the bar glitter sticks out a bit.

I still have 2 other Paris Sparkles to photograph for you, yay! 
A fellow kiwi nail-phile GiMiKd Girl has just posted some more of Stacy's gorgeous colours including her newer cream based glitters! So be sure to check them out HERE 

You can find these polishes and many more at the Paris Sparkles store on etsy. They are $7-8 US a bottle.



  1. Replies
    1. Glad you like it Anne. It's looks way better in person too, my photos do it no justice at all :)

  2. Red Ruby is just jaw-drop gorgeous. There are a lot of similar polishes out there, but the different glitters in this one really make it stand out!

    So excited for new True Blood! ^_^

    1. It really is. I love that there is the giant hex in it! I just wish I had bigger nails to make the most of them - my nails are so narrow!

  3. I was eyeing up Black Licorice the other day. Pity I'm banned from buying polish at the moment :(

    Must sell polish so I can buy more!

    1. Me too! There are so many great collections coming out soon too! I'm gonna have to stop eating to afford the polish :)

  4. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway if you'd like to check it out! xx

  5. I like that red one! But it really is too glittery for me!


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