Friday, 29 June 2012

I Wish I Was a Pretty & Polished BEACH BUM

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Oh, if only it was Summer and I was in Whangamata, stick thin and stretch mark free, sunbathing on the beach!!!!!!
That's the dream!

Instead it's a very chilly winter and I'm about 50 kg away from being/having a beach bum!!!!
(I did have a pre-dinner nap (can you say 95 year old woman?) with the lovely Charlie though. He slept under the covers with me and everything!!!! That's a plus for winter!!)

Wearing Pretty & Polished Beach Bum helped me to 'make believe' the dream though!!!

Pretty & Polished Beach Bum



Beach Bum is a slightly blue tinted transparent base with loads of fine matte blue hex glitter, medium and large blue/green shiny hex and square glitters. I'm wearing 3 coats which gives a full coverage look, without being opaque. I didn't have any application issues, besides the giant hexes wanting to stay on the bottom of the bottle. I just gave it a good shake and left it upside down if I couldn't get any on the brush.

Chels just announced that she has reformulated Beach Bum so I'll be interested to see if it looks any different. I think she's probably found lighter hexes to fix the sinking problem like she did with the reformulated Jawbreaker.
It's killing me that she isn't shipping international any more!!!! Why can't I live in America?!!!!!! Maybe I should make Canada my home, best of both worlds? I have family there too...



  1. What a cool polish! It's finally Summer here in BC Canada, wish I was stick thin though :)

    1. We all do!!!! I'm hoping my polish habit will stop me from buying food so I can slim down!!! What is summer like in BC? I've only been there in Winter and it was FREEZING!!!! Actually well below, I was skiing near Kamloops and it was -30C! Could only ski 1 run before we had to go inside and warm up :)

  2. This looks gorgeous!

    Isn't it weird to see all those summer collections coming out while it's winter where you're at? I'd be so confused! On the onther hand I would love to pull out the bbq on christmas eve, though. Haha ^^


    1. Not weird so much as it means I don't paint my nails according to the seasons much. We never used to get nail collections til 6 months later when it was the right season, so it's so awesome that OPI & Orly have started to say "Season be damned!" and now we get them around the same time as the rest of you Northerners!!! I really love that neons are a big trend at the moment because it's brightening up my winter so much!!!!
      And yes summer Christmases are the SH**!!! It's always about the beach, beer and bbqs!!!
      But I still crave a white Christmas every now and then! Got to have a couple as a kid over in the States - twas amazing! Just like all the Christmas movies!!!!

  3. Your nails are stunning! I like the big huge glitters inside this polish but Idk y I always pass this polish up in the last moments of buy it and chose other wise :(

    1. Thank you my NPA buddy! Funny you say that because I only bought it because lots of the ones I wanted had already sold out and I thought why not?!


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