Monday, 18 June 2012

Dollish Does Polish - Dining at the Pink Taco

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I'm home!
No more exams!
Back to my Buster & Charlie & Mum!!!!
And a relatively warm climate!!!!

To celebrate here's a filthy little pink polish.

Dining At The Pink Taco is an almost frosty pink with fine glass fleck shimmer. I'm not really one for this shade of pink but it actually looked really good on me! I bought this purely because the name grossed me out (I'd never heard the term before) and cracked me up at the same time. I have a thing for toilet/guy humour but I also have ladylike sensibilities that kick in on occasion :)
I really wish I could have got a shot of DATPT in sunlight but there was none to be had for so long that I gave up and swatched it in the miserable overcast-ness that is Christchurch right now.

Now on to the nitty gritty: it's got a thick formula which applies fine, but takes a very long time to fully dry. Even with quick dry top coat it was smudge/dent-able for ages! I tried my Nicole by OPI quick dry drops but they caused bumpiness ( which happens with quite a few of my polishes actually). Other than that DATPT gets the thumbs up for me. Wearing it made me feel like a Pink Lady from Grease!!!!

Who else enjoyed this naughtily named collection from Dollish Polish?
BTW Thank God Dolly has got her suspension base now and can make all our favourite glitters again!!!!!!



  1. I love the names of these polishes so much. That's one of the main reasons I want to buy the whole set. Shame about the drying time though! Man even with quick dry tc and drying drops, it took forever. :/

  2. The names of these polish are so offensive and yet I love it!

    1. I know!!! I wasn't quite prepared for the filth!


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