Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Peach Hearts

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I did this mani for Valentine's Day, but was too lazy to post it.
I tried the  dotting tool 3 dot heart method. Someone posted a tutorial for it a couple years ago now, I can't remember exactly, sorry!

I used BYS Colour Change Salmon for the base and Essie Like to be Bad for the hearts.
I think my technique needs a little work but from a distance the hearts looked pretty cute!


Sunday, 23 March 2014

Nail Shield Review

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I broke down and bought a nail shield!!! I was so sure that they were a ridiculous trend, but the ones on Hex Nail Jewelry actually looked kind of awesome so I said, "What the hell?", and added two on to my order :)

Pahlish Sleep to Dream with Nail Shield

So it's pretty clear that this particular shield doesn't fit my nail well. My nails are just too narrow (and probably the wrong shape right now - oval nails are the ideal - maybe a little too short too!). The shield is somewhat pliable so I gently curved the nail shield so it didn't lie so flat, but it would only curve so much... Not enough for my narrows, but I believe it would be perfect for someone with standard sized nails. I always have trouble with wraps and fake nails being too wide for my nails too!

The shields and nail jewelry are way smaller and thinner than I had expected which is an awesome surprise!!! I was worried they'd all be too big for my nails, but I think most will look fine. I'll be posting more manis featuring the hex jewelry in the mid-near future.

Have you tried nail shields? Are you sold on the trend or do you have reservations? I'd love to hear about your experiences and/or opinions!!


Saturday, 22 March 2014

A Couple Cadillacquer Gems

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These are the other Cadillacquer polishes I got when I hauled the Breaking Bad Collection a few months ago.

Cadillacquer 9 Crimes

9 Crimes is a muted slate blue/purple gray glass fleck shimmer with matte white hex and square glitter. It's a bit different than I expected based on swatches I'd seen, but I'm feeling it. I applied 2-3 coats for full coverage.

Cadillacquer Now and Then

Now and Then (favourite girl's coming of age film FYI, oh and the Hairy Bird too!) is a white/palest purple crelly with purple & white flake shimmer and purple hex glitter. Yum! I applied 3 coats which made it a little too thick, so next time I'll stick with two generous coats.

Cadillacquer Slice of Life

Slice of Life is a medium orange based red with glass fleck shimmer. The coverage was pretty decent for a red - I think this was two coats. I'm a real sucker for red lacquers!

Cadillacquer is available here and at various e-stockists.


Thursday, 20 March 2014

My Love of Pahlish!

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Pahlish Your Fortress Fades

Your Fortress Fades is a neutral light taupe with gold shimmer flecks. This is a work appropriate polish with a little sass! Two coats.

Pahlish Sleep to Dream

Sleep to Dream is an aubergine with blue, gold and other indiscernible colours of shimmer flecks. Absolutely stunning!!! I applied two coats for completely opaque coverage.

Pahlish Sink in the Silence

Sink in the Silence is a deep chocolate brown creme with gold and rusty orange/bronze shimmer flecks. This is a shade I'll be sporting this Fall/Winter. Two coats - seriously opaque!

Pahlish Forest of the Dead

Forest of the Dead is a dark swampy green bursting with green, gold and bronze shimmer flecks. Absolutely stunning. If you don't own many greens, this is the one you want. Two coats.

Pahlish Fleur de Sel

Fleur de Sel is a white/very pale pink creme with red and pearl shimmer flecks. I've never seen non-metallic red flecks before and I'm totally obsessed with them! This was just two coats.

Pahlish El Topo Petite

El Topo Petite is a deep purple leaning taupe with rusty orange glitter flecks. It's gorgeous, perfect for Autumn/Winter. Two coats.

Pahlish Bad Wolf

BTW I'm holding a bottle of Your Fortress Fades in the photos above because I temporarily misplaced Bad Wolf and the colours were close enough, I thought I'd get away with it. Fail!
I freaking love Bad Wolf and for that matter any polish that has these colour-shifting (pink-gold) flakes in it! Way to make a putty taupe stand out Pahlish!

All the flakie shades need a thick topcoat for a smooth and glossy finish - but otherwise the formulas are easy to apply, if slightly thick.

Pahlish is available here and at several e-stockists.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Cadillacquer Breaking Bad Selection

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The Breaking Bad Collection is a mix of beautiful shimmers and subtle holos. Today I'll be showing you my picks! They are so awesome it makes me really want to watch the series! I really ought to have by now, right?

Cadillacquer Pinkman

 Pinkman - named after the character Jesse Pinkman (a former student of Walter White who becomes his partner). It's a beautiful pale, dirty pink shimmer with gold-green flecks. Two coats is all you need.

 Cadillacquer Cap 'n Cook

Cap 'n Cook is a red toned purple scattered holo with a pink shimmer flash! It's super flattering on my warmer skin tone. Again, two coats.

 Cadillacquer Blowfish

Blowfish (not sure what this name refers to - I need to watch to find out!), is a pretty pale green shimmer with blue-green flecks. It's so delicate - the most wearable green I own. This is also a two-coater.

 Cadillacquer Carwash

Carwash is a blurple scattered holo with a bit of a pink flash. All blurple lovers NEED IT!!!! Again, two coats.

 Cadillacquer Say My Name

Say My Name is an aubergine scattered holo with blue-purple flecks. This leans a little brown, which I like. I feel like it'll be my new 'go to' this winter. Again, two coats.

 Cadillacquer Yeah, Science!

Yeah, Science! is my absolute favourite from the Breaking Bad Collection. A soft lilac purple shimmer with pink-purple flecks! Of course, it's another two-coater.

The formula on all of these is sort of thicker than the usual creme but it is very manageable and applies nicely - sort of self-leveling. 

Cadillacquer is an amazing indie brand from Switzerland. They are a bit pricey on e-tailer sites but you can buy direct for about US$12 and she ships internationally for reasonable rates.


Monday, 10 March 2014

A Tale Of Two Pyrites

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I do enjoy polishes that draw inspiration from the same place, but which become quite distinct upon implementation at different maker's hands. Emily de Molly and Pahlish both take on Pyrite below.

Pahlish Pyrite

The first Pyrite is an antique gold made entirely of foil flecks in silver and olive-gold; plus possibly some yellow-gold flecks. It needed 2-3 coats for full coverage and requires 1-2 layers of top coat for a smooth to the touch finish. Watch out or flecks that hang over the tip of your nail. I recommend pushing them back onto the nail before adding top coat to avoid a ragged edge.

Emily de Molly Pyrite

The second Pyrite is a light grey creme with antique gold hex and holographic silver glitter as well as fine golden glass fleck shimmer. This is a two-coater that looks best with a thick topcoat because like most creme/glitter combos the base isn't thick enough to allow a smooth finish, once the lacquer dries.

So from what I gather, pyrite must be antique gold and a bit silver; maybe even a little bit grey?



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