Sunday, 16 March 2014

Cadillacquer Breaking Bad Selection

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The Breaking Bad Collection is a mix of beautiful shimmers and subtle holos. Today I'll be showing you my picks! They are so awesome it makes me really want to watch the series! I really ought to have by now, right?

Cadillacquer Pinkman

 Pinkman - named after the character Jesse Pinkman (a former student of Walter White who becomes his partner). It's a beautiful pale, dirty pink shimmer with gold-green flecks. Two coats is all you need.

 Cadillacquer Cap 'n Cook

Cap 'n Cook is a red toned purple scattered holo with a pink shimmer flash! It's super flattering on my warmer skin tone. Again, two coats.

 Cadillacquer Blowfish

Blowfish (not sure what this name refers to - I need to watch to find out!), is a pretty pale green shimmer with blue-green flecks. It's so delicate - the most wearable green I own. This is also a two-coater.

 Cadillacquer Carwash

Carwash is a blurple scattered holo with a bit of a pink flash. All blurple lovers NEED IT!!!! Again, two coats.

 Cadillacquer Say My Name

Say My Name is an aubergine scattered holo with blue-purple flecks. This leans a little brown, which I like. I feel like it'll be my new 'go to' this winter. Again, two coats.

 Cadillacquer Yeah, Science!

Yeah, Science! is my absolute favourite from the Breaking Bad Collection. A soft lilac purple shimmer with pink-purple flecks! Of course, it's another two-coater.

The formula on all of these is sort of thicker than the usual creme but it is very manageable and applies nicely - sort of self-leveling. 

Cadillacquer is an amazing indie brand from Switzerland. They are a bit pricey on e-tailer sites but you can buy direct for about US$12 and she ships internationally for reasonable rates.



  1. They are all so pretty!

    xo Brianna

  2. Great pics! :D
    Tip: Just search for "Breaking Bad Blowfish" and You can watch the scene on Youtube :)


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