Monday, 10 March 2014

A Tale Of Two Pyrites

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I do enjoy polishes that draw inspiration from the same place, but which become quite distinct upon implementation at different maker's hands. Emily de Molly and Pahlish both take on Pyrite below.

Pahlish Pyrite

The first Pyrite is an antique gold made entirely of foil flecks in silver and olive-gold; plus possibly some yellow-gold flecks. It needed 2-3 coats for full coverage and requires 1-2 layers of top coat for a smooth to the touch finish. Watch out or flecks that hang over the tip of your nail. I recommend pushing them back onto the nail before adding top coat to avoid a ragged edge.

Emily de Molly Pyrite

The second Pyrite is a light grey creme with antique gold hex and holographic silver glitter as well as fine golden glass fleck shimmer. This is a two-coater that looks best with a thick topcoat because like most creme/glitter combos the base isn't thick enough to allow a smooth finish, once the lacquer dries.

So from what I gather, pyrite must be antique gold and a bit silver; maybe even a little bit grey?



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