Saturday, 1 March 2014

Old School: China Glaze No Way Jose

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This next HTF was on my wish list for 3 years! And it totally delivers.

China Glaze No Way Jose

No Way Jose is a lilac purple with a green glass fleck shimmer throughout. It to die for gorgeous. I applied three thin coats for full coverage. It is another pre-3Free formulated lacquer and from the China Glaze Martini Pedicure collection like 100 Proof Pink.

After trying NWJ I desperately need Shaken Not Stirred but I can't even find it listed on Ebay :(

How do you like your Martini? (The one time I tried one - it was gin, my fav spirit - I had one sip before I had to water it down with a bottle of tonic water. I have such respect for wasps that can drink multiples!)


1 comment:

  1. This is a pretty one! I think I got this and never tried it, need to bust it out!


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